Cross-Play For War Thunder Still Planned; PS4 Version Only Getting Prettier Over Time

Our exclusive interview with Gaijin Entertainment about War Thunder: Cross-Play, a tablet version, the super-secret World War Mode and a lot more!

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TheUltimateGamer1502d ago

I've been wanting to play War Thunder. I'll have to get to that. Great interview!

CryofSilence1502d ago

You can play it now for free on PC in the meantime. It's an excellent game.

TheUltimateGamer1502d ago

I know... Just haven't gotten around to it just yet. I'm looking forward to when I do. I've got too many games on my plate at the moment. Poor me, right? Haha

FarEastOrient1501d ago

When is the American release, I had to download this through my UK account ^_^

sigfredod1502d ago

I'm enjoying it on my Ps4 right now , you should download it

TheUltimateGamer1501d ago

That good huh? Maybe I'll have to put some games aside for it then and do just that.

stavrami1502d ago

Played it for 10 mins then deleted . It's predecessor on ps3 (birds of steel) was a million times better

Grave1502d ago

War Thunder is an upgraded version of Birds of Prey developed by the same company, Gaijin. When you say Birds of Steel is "a million times better" you are making a false statement.

stavrami1502d ago

An opinion that's false. Interesting? You say that like I don't know who made birds of steel why would I mention it? Your statement is flat out wrong that mine can be false an opinion can't be wrong .

Grave1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

A troll's opinion should always be discounted. Sorry you're so butt-hurt about games that are free-to-play.

CryofSilence1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

Play for more than 10 minutes. Get to tier 2 planes or at least non-reserve. It's one of my favorite games in recent memory.

stavrami-mk21501d ago

@cryforsilence i loved birds of steel on day 1 i got this and if you held the right analog and didn't touch the left one it would move the view round and you could see the plane was dead still . people say f2p has as much time as it and effort put into it as it would if it was retail .also the gameplay on f2p are all exactly the same regardless of genre i just can't get into them i used to play on my mobile when it 1st come out and they just remind me of that

Grave1501d ago

stavrami, having a second account you flame people with might be the saddest thing I've ever seen on N4G.

Have fun with Birds of Prey!

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amiga-man1502d ago

This game is great had hours of fun from it, with the additions they have planned it will only get better.

malokevi1502d ago

Just bring it to N/A so that I can buy premium. Progression is unbearably slow without it! Love the game otherwise.

Alexious1502d ago

It is a little weird that it's not available on US PS Store, although obviously you could download it with a EU account anyway.

malokevi1502d ago

Yeah I got an Aussie account. Nice little work around. Obviously territorial restrictions don't mean to much, unless it comes to actually spending money for your primary account.

Saryk1502d ago

I can't see how consolers are going to compete against PC gamers. Not trolling, I am being serious. Mouse is so more refined than a controller.

Alexious1502d ago

You can use the DS4 touchpad on PS4, and you can even plug your mouse if you want.

Saryk1502d ago

Really? I heard the mouse was crappy, have you used it?

Aleithian1502d ago

I've played it on PS4 already, and while it's fun, they need to make various improvements. The control system SUCKS. The menu system SUCKS. It has so much potential, but has been implemented in such a poor way.

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