Will 'The Elder Scrolls Online' Have The Last Laugh With Its Subscription Fee?

Forbes - When the new year started, I wrote an article detailing why it seemed like The Elder Scrolls Online was shaping up to be a potential disaster for ZeniMax and Bethesda with a bloated budget, average gameplay and a seemingly outdated subscription model.

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zeal0us1529d ago

Some TES lovers will support it. Some P2P lovers will support it. However some people in its current state don't think what its offering justify a P2P model.

Zenimax got 2months(or less) to get the game where they want it to be at.

TheGrimReaper00111529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Gamers will have the last laugh
We are the ones with the wallet
I seriously don't wanna pay €180 just to play the game
And that's not even with the €60 pricetag of the game itself
Rumor has it that your game cost 200 million?
Well gues what?
GTA V cost 265 million to make AND they invested 100 million in marketing!
Everyone only pays €60 and that's it

Also, subscription fees tend to trap gamers
If I have a subscription on a game, I feel I HAVE to play that game ALWAYS, just to get the most out of my money
Not only that, but if you charge me €15 each month, then every single month I want brand new free DLC and each DLC pack should have 25% content of the core game
If you think then I am asking to much, think about it
€60 for the full game
€15 for a month
--> 25% of the price of core game
--> 25% of new content
And gues what? You cannot deliver that because it's simply impossible to make that much content in a month

Not to mention, no offline mode --> no mods
Call me a pc fanboy if you must, but I luv to mod skyrim!
They fixed issues that the developers didn't bother to fix
They made new worlds
They improve the UI
They deliver better textures
They deliver new animations
The list goes on

Not only that, but ZeniMax Studios said this themselves:
"With this model, players can go where they want, do what they want and be who they want"
2 things here:

1. Are you saying you cant do that with a free-to-play model? Skyrim? Fallout? GTA? Just Cause? All these games are open world. You can do whatever you want. You can go wherever you want. You can be a bloodthirsty maniac, or you can be an awe aspiring hero.

2. Actually, a subscription fee prevents these things! Because I HAVE to pay, I will not skip anything. If I get a quest that takes me an hour to travel, then I wont bother becaus that will waste precious time. I also don't see the point of creating multiple characters, as you only have a certain time to play with each before a warning pops up that says "Your subscription fee has ended. Please give us more money."

And finally, did they even say anything about creating multiple characters? Do I have to pay for each extra? Individually? Will there also be paid DLC and microtransactions? Will there be timers in the world?
Speaking of which ...

You will not be able to skip time forward because it's an MMO. While I fully understand that we cant do it, this also makes it annoying if you have timed missions, effects, beds are useless and vampires will have such an annoying time, waiting in game for the sun to go down.

I seriously hope this fails, because I feel that it's unfair to the consumer and pretty soon, EVERYONE will do it because we just accept it. So if I were to take a nasty shit on 100 people and they don't mind, will you allow me to shit on you as well, just cause everyone else is okay with it?

Passenger1528d ago

13€ fee for one month isn´t much money, hell I pay ~40€ a month for cigarettes. If you can´t afford 13€ you are probably in school, and if you´re in school you should learn and in your off time go out and meet friends.

TheGrimReaper00111528d ago

It's people like you that ruin this industry

You are basing on the fact that one cant pay €15 a month, rather the fact of why you pay €15 a month

But I'm willing to listen.
Why do you think it's fair to charge €15 each month just to play the game?
In total for a year, you pay 12*15 + 60
€240 every year to play 1 game

Tell me what makes this justified?