GR - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 - 16 deliciously dark things I did in the first four hours

GamesRadar - One of this year's biggest and potentially best games isn't going anywhere near next-gen. Rounding off the Lords of Shadow storyline that started in CLoS and continued in Mirror of Fate (for realsies), Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 looks to be not only an exciting sequel to an excellent game, but one of the most radically upgraded sequels we've seen since Batman went to the city.

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hulk_bash19871560d ago

I can't wait, this looks to improve on the original in just about every way. Here's hoping it's as fun to play as it looks.

starchild1559d ago

I can't wait for it either. It's been my most anticipated game of the first half of the year for quite some time. The Witcher 3 is my most anticipated game after that.

moujahed1560d ago

If it has a weapon/armor/skill system anything similar to Symphony of the night I'm getting this at day one.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1560d ago

Im actually playing that for the first time. The first Lords of shadows made me want to see what Castlevania was like before. Damn good game so far im in the inverted Castle.

MWH1559d ago (Edited 1559d ago )

it don't think it will but I hope one day Konami develops a 2D castlevania on par with SotN (and ZOE3 in compliment to your Jehuty avatar). if you want a game that has similar gameplay features try Darksiders II.

two current gen games I can't wait to experience and conclude this generation with; LoS2 and Dark Souls 2.

both coming to PC as well which well offer a much more refined visual experience at least resolution and framerate wise.

all good, counting days.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1560d ago

Soon enough just 1 month away.

Hanso1559d ago

ill wait for the ps4 version

Roccetarius1559d ago

Not too far way now, but my PC will be waiting for this game. :)

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