Can any game break the 'GTA IV' sales records?

Though Halo 3 held the all-time entertainment industry record for single-day sales for eight months, it could be a long time before anyone bests the record-shattering sales achieved by GTA IV.

"If you measure in terms of one-day sales," said Michael Pachter, a video game analyst with Wedbush Morgan Securities, "there's likely nothing (that can break the record) until the next GTA."

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Britjadg3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

the simple answer is no.

gears wont get anywhere near it
halo wars wont get anywhere near it
neither will mgs4 or Final Fantasy.

(though each of these would stand a serious chance if they were multiplat and developed well)

as far as i'm concerned the above will be the biggest selling games over the next 8-12 months.

Cwalat3876d ago

i know this is really far fetched.. but the only games i think will atleast give it some competition are:

-God of war 3 (2009) the fanbase of the PS2/PSP games is huge..

-Resident Evil 5 (2008?) it's multiplat and one of the most awaited game of nextgen library...

-Final Fantasy XIII / Versus - (2009) this will be the greatest contender IMO....

Tekken 6 - (2008) huuuuuuuuuuge fanbase...

Still with all those titles, i don't think anyone will sell like GTAIV

theKiller3876d ago

and might be very close or even surpass it if sony advertise it well,
and the reasons of my thinking is the following, MGS fans r huge also and they r from the days of PS1, also MGS sells well in all territories north america, europe and japan, at least i think day one sale in japan will be more than 500,000, and europe around 1 million and something similar in USA, but GTA sells well only in europe and USA, but the advantage it has that it came on 360 and ps3, so i think at least MGS4 will break GTA4 record on the playstation platform not all platforms! it have a chance to break halo 3 records because of japan!

prunchess3876d ago

Isn't that always the case? Look at the film industry, 1 film comes out and take millions at the box office, a year or two passes and then another bigger movie comes along and beats it. It's the nature of the industry.

The same applies to games. The question is how long will it be before "any game breaks the 'GTA IV' sales records?"

Britjadg3876d ago

@ 1.1
- GOW will probably just fall short of MGS4 sales i reckon
- RE5 i didn't realise was multiplat. still i dont think it'll get anywhere near GTA, though might compete with halo 3 numbers if what you say is true. personally though i think it'll be hard pushed to do so.
-Tekken to be perfectly honestly with you will do well to be in the top 5 game software sales for week when its released.
-only other thing i can think of is Star Wars "force unleashed" which is being released on all platforms (including Wii and PC and is shaping up to be fantastic). though i have to say, i'm not sure what the release plans are - which could put a spaaner in the works.

as said by a couple people - something will knock GTA4 off in future i'm sure, but doubt it'll be a game that we know to be currently in development.

princejb1343876d ago

mayb mgs4, just like the thekiller said " metal gear solid 4 has a huge fan base"
i know ppl who dont own a ps3 yet but said that they will buy a ps3 just got mgs4

iNcRiMiNaTi3876d ago

nothing this year really catches my attention except for mgs4. yea KZ2 looks amazing but its still unproven, resistance 2 has 60 player online matches so that might turn out good, gears 2...i might pick it up, but theres nothing thats really making me go, I REALLY WANT THAT!! littlebigplanet looks cool too, i might pick that one up cuz ts original. seems like the biggest launches this year are FPSs....again. LBP, echochrome, mirrors edge, too human, alan wake, and *crossing my finger* ZOE3. if ZOE3 is announced and comes out soon, my most wanted list will definitly change.

shine13963876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

if wii fit had a simultanoeus worldwide'd be the biggest...except of course that its staggered...because remember...wii fit ain't bloody cheap...I'm surprised chart track hadn't accounted it as being huge.....same goes for GTH3, in the US... if your're going to talk about units...i reckon Harry potter book seven has that in the bag...

Nevers3876d ago

... GTA5. That's it. The next record setter will also have to be multi-platform. I don't see too many other titles that speak that strongly to so many gamers coming out anytime soon. Not saying great games aren't on the way at all. But most of them fall into a niche where as GTA4 has very broad-based appeal. RE4 might have a chance but I still think there's generally more enthusiasm in the world for the GTA series than the RE series.

kewlkat0073876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Everyone keep posting whether a game has a fanbase or not. I think, in the endn it's not all about "fanbase". It has to have some type of "pop cultural appeal" to it. Everyone have to hear about it, not just the "Hardcore Fanbse" that will buy the game Day 1.

Halo had that, GTA has that, some games that might fall in that same boat are Nintendo games, like Zelda, Mario...etc

When you speak of those games, people/gamers know their iconic names/characters. They are almost like celebrities of the gaming industry, in a sense. Not every game has or can have that appeal surrounding it. Just look at the TOP selling games of all the consoles in there respective gen.

I seen "God of War 3", "RE5", "MGS4", "Tekken 6", "FFXIII", mentioned which are big games and have their fan-base but how much did that "previous installment" of that game SELL with a User-Base of 120 million PS2 gamers?

My point there is more to it then just a "Fanbase" about these big Blockbuster games that take on the Entertainment Industry.

Britjadg3875d ago

agree with 1.9

its not all about the hardcores/install base. its about popular culture. games in that sense arn't really all that different from any other media outlet.

i have to say as well that Wii is pushing 400,000 sales a week at the moment according to VG...which is incredible. currently with 25million users its probably liklely to be the only platform with a chance of getting near GTA with an exclusive game... at least, on paper

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The Closing3876d ago

Next reiteration of gta 3.

killer_trap3876d ago

that's the only game i can think of. but i remember hearing it won't be a multi platform game.

Truplaya3876d ago

it would have to be a multiplatform game, maybe GTA5?

I havent looked at the stats but i guess halo3 sold more in a week for 360 than gta4, but gta4 got PS3 sales added in. MGS4 might sell more than GTA4, if only PS3 was counted.

toughNAME3876d ago

When some games are released on half a dozen platforms all of a sudden single day entertainment record means nothing.

Halo 3 did sell more than GTA on 360. I can't see Gears pulling it off...the only situation is if GTA went exclusive to any of the platforms.

wow4u3876d ago

Halo 3 released when Xbox 360 had a base of about 12Million. By Gears of War 2, the Xbox 360 install base will be what...? uhm 24-28M?

Gears of War 2 has sold over 5M today. I wouldnt be suprised to see Gears of War 2 be a very very big game, possibly exceeding Halo 3's sales.

Mofro3876d ago

Sure it can, just release a Mario game for all three consoles with a simultaneous worldwide release!!!! But seriously, it can be done, but I think the Wii would have to be involved or it will be 3-5 years from now.

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