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Sony is Working With EA to Fix Battlefield 4′s Online Problems

PSLS: John Koller speaks about Sony’s thoughts about Battlefield 4′s very shaky online performance. (Battlefield 4, PS3, PS4)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   599d ago | Well said
Good Sony teaches EA good gaming company conduct
Hatsune-Miku  +   599d ago | Well said
EA needs help from the red cross because their games are always broken
ZodTheRipper  +   599d ago
They should charge EA for this service if you ask me.
SegaGamer  +   599d ago
EA are useless, i think the last game of theirs i played that didn't have a major problem was The Simposons Game, and that game is like 7 years old now.

If i owned a shop i would refuse to sell anything from EA, their games are broken, i wouldn't want to sell my customers broken items.

EA should be forced to put a label on their games to warn gamers that the game may not function properly due to how useless they are at making games :P
dsswoosh  +   599d ago
Loving this on the xb1.

Constant 60fps and perfectly working servers.

PS4 owners who comfort themselves by saying "all platforms are having problems" are simply wrong.

After the patch, game works more than fine on xb1. Find a server, join with friends, party chat, all of it works perfect.
Ritsujun  +   599d ago
dsswoosh Y U put your head in the clOuDz together with Microsofie's?
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riverstars86  +   598d ago

That is absolutely not true. I have Battlefield 4 on PS4 and Xbox One. The game runs more smoothly on PS4. I am not bringing any bias to this comment, I play both equally with different friends.

Only one advantage I can give Xbox One in regards to BF4 is that it is indeed easier to get in games with friends, as the Xbox One's party system automatically sends an invite to anyone in the party playing the same game.
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XB1_PS4  +   598d ago
Sony also tried to help Bethesda with Skyrim on ps3 after all the problems. That didn't do much.
dantesparda  +   598d ago
dsswoosh is still spewing his fanboy lies that bf4 x1 magically runs at a better framerate than the PS4 version when its already been proven by Df that this is not true, the PS4 runs at a better framerate and at 56% higher res. But i think he thinks if he keeps saying it enough, he can fool some other suckers into believing it. Good luck with that, you're delusionary
dericb11  +   599d ago
I think this is why.BF4 is the top game for Dec.

PS4 (Without Digital Upgrades)

1.Battlefield 4
3.NBA 2K14
4.Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag
5.Call of Duty: Ghosts
6.Need for Speed Rivals
7.Madden NFL 25
9.Escape Plan

Source: http://blog.us.playstation....
lolCHILLbro  +   599d ago
@dericb11 Sorry, though i would report on the X1 version to compare, i imagine PS4's will be up and running soon if Xbox One's is
MeknSence  +   599d ago
@lolCHILLbro your in the wrong section. The 720p version is in the next door around the corner down the street under the bridge..troll. ALL systems is having issues with BF4 (especially PC). You must have forgotten to read the article that it takes EA much longer to fix the bugs on Xbox One because Microsoft having to approve it first.
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lolCHILLbro   599d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(10)
Crazyglues  +   599d ago
Thank you Sony... OMG!... thank you

||.........___||............ ||
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Kryptix  +   599d ago
That Boondocks avatar. Waiting on that new Season 4? lol

Good to see Sony stepping in to help with the issues on one of the most played multiplayer games. Hopefully they resolve it and they learn something from each other so they could prevent more stuff like this from happening.
UnholyLight  +   599d ago
Awww yeah. This game has seen a lot more stability on my side of things but there's still that nagging issue of texture pop in and sound loss for the first 5-15seconds (seems to be dynamic how long it lasts). After that my game is pretty damn solid. And FINALLY, the last couple patches have fixed the issue I was having where the Support class weapons would just shoot around the enemy even when you're point blank shooting them..

NOW, if they could just revert this BS where a high powered rifle tends not to kill the enemy when hit within the neck/torso area where in real life you'd probably have a massive hole blown in you, while someone with a small Carbine or Assault rifle can pump a 3 round burst into your chest and kill you

EDIT: also forgot to mention, the other day I saw THREE, not one, THREE people that were crouched but floating around in the crouched position. Threw me and my friend right off and we couldn't kill them it was a really bizarre glitch
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asmith2306  +   599d ago
Exactly. The rubberbanding in this game is a joke. It's been going on for months now.
Xsilver  +   599d ago
Does everyone have to help these guys with their game.
ftwrthtx  +   599d ago
Now that is great customer service.
ELpork  +   599d ago
...I think it's more important that EA helps EA with fixing BF4.
KwietStorm  +   599d ago
EA had nothing to do with the game besides rushing it to market, so it's probably best that DICE collabos with Sony any way that they can.
Pillsbury1  +   599d ago
When bf4 works it's a great game.
Ashunderfire86  +   599d ago
They need to fix the save system in the single player of BF4 now lol!!!
cyclindk  +   599d ago
It's still not fixed?! I started replaying again recently.... not going to continue till confirmation...
Ashunderfire86  +   599d ago
Yes I played 4 levels. Turn off my PS4 and turn it on again an hour later than bam! Save progress lost? I am tired of playing the first level 99 times to hear Recker this, Recker that lol! This game has 99 problems and the single player is one.
KwietStorm  +   599d ago
That hasn't happened to me in weeks. Worst case scenario, just copy your save after you're done playing. Only reason to play that garbage is for the guns anyway.
WeedyOne  +   599d ago
For everyone getting their campaign deleted on the ps4... the ps4 has a cloud save system... USE IT!

If you see your progress has been deleted DO NOT START A NEW GAME, go upload your last cloud save and boom your back where you left off.
powerplayer25  +   599d ago
I still have the same problem as well. As soon as I shut off the game, the next time I go to continue, nothing, I have to start a new campaign. I'm getting pretty tired of playing the same missions over and over.
il-JumperMT  +   599d ago
How to "fix"

Play offline while playing campain. Disconnect the PS before turning on game.
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moujahed  +   599d ago
Sony definitely have a lot of companies in their pocket. Watch how they dominate this Summer.
CrossingEden  +   599d ago
Sony does not have EA in it's pocket. In fact, we don't even know if they're working with EA, for people not bright enough to read past the "SONY=GOD" title, here's the actual quote.
"Let me answer this higher above Battlefield 4 because it’s not fair, I think, to focus just on that. But in general, when these kinds of situations occur we work very closely with the publisher.
I’m not saying that’s happening specifically with Battlefield, but in general when there’s network issues or any issues related to gameplay we work very closely, because it reflects on the platform as well. We want it solved just like the publisher wants it solved, so we generally work together."
^ He didn't even confirm it. -_-
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moujahed  +   599d ago
Sony-God??!?!?!?! tf are you talking about? I simply made a statement based on the fact that Sony is consistently lending a hand to help a developer fix a problem. Much like with the GTAV issue. You seem like your mad about something.
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KwietStorm  +   599d ago
He's not mad about anything. What you said was off topic though. Has nothing to do with fixing Battlefield.
jukins  +   599d ago
I'm only running into few issues now. Blank screens after death when trying to deploy. Lag during conquest and online unlocks being reset after going afk long enough to be disconnected from the servers.
BattleTorn  +   599d ago
I've noticed the black screen, or sometime dull-screen (cause I faintly see the deploy screen behind), usually comes from press X while the screen is black, immediately after death - IME.

For me, the only remaining issues, on PS4, seem to be occasional lag.

My Xbox One version still can't quick-match. I have browser search, and find a server with a low que. It's really inconvenient.
dillhole  +   599d ago
I am getting sick of being told how to play the game like it's my first time every time I join a server. "Press the d-pad down to switch fire mode"....oh really? I've only put 60 hours in so far, thanks for reminding me.

"Here's how to aim down the sights"......seriously fuck off I'm being shot at!
Activemessiah  +   599d ago
EA are beyond help
Chuk5  +   599d ago
Idk, I have 50+ hours of BF4 multiplayer, almost no problems.
KwietStorm  +   599d ago
50 hours isn't much. When did you start playing? Because it runs a lot better now than at release.
cell989  +   599d ago
I thought the bugs were taken care of. Ive been playing for the past week everyday 2-3 hours and had 0 problems with online MP
lnfiniteLoop  +   599d ago
single player is knackered, not be albe to play anything much past first couple of levels without loosing save on restarting… apart from leaving the machine on there aint alot of point playing…

multiplayer is fine when it works (only play Conquest), but wow does it crash a lot for what appears to be no reason… even have it crash when quitting the game or shutting down…

they really should give all current gamers premium to compensate them for selling a game in this state until its fixed… and when I mean fixed, I mean properly...
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Whitey2k  +   599d ago
Why an earth is sony helping EA when EA is giving the back hand on the ps4 since the start of this gen EA is all for xboxOne aka fifa bf4 maps titanfall
dillhole  +   599d ago
Because without BF4, there aren't too many PS4 games worth playing right now.
KratosSaveUs  +   599d ago
I haven't touched this game in forever. I deleted it off my PS4 and I might sell the game.
Ripsta7th  +   599d ago
Why are xbox player coming in a nd commenting like every PS4 has been having trouble. I feel sorry for those who have been having problems but after the last few patches i havent had a single problem. I hear the X1 servers arent doing so well, saw it on the BF Facebook posts
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LogicStomper  +   599d ago
To start off, yeah I am an Xbox player. The reason why I'm commenting is not because of whatever 'troubles' PS4 may or may not be having.

I'm just wondering what helpful information this article is giving us. All this article gives is just:

1) They are working on a BF4 patch.
2) Sony is working with EA for this patch.

So to speak, this article is in a way 'pointless' because it doesn't establish much at all.
GamersHeaven  +   599d ago
That's just sad Sony has to help them out EA has no respect for there developers or franchises.
dsswoosh  +   599d ago
Sony are only helping them because the ps4 version has all these problems.

Works fine on xb1.
sandman224  +   599d ago
Maybe ea will cater to Sony with the definitive versions of their games.
iistuii  +   599d ago
I'm still waiting to play 32 player normal conquest. IMO it's better than 64 player large mayhem maps. But still there's no servers available.
jocomat9  +   599d ago
already traded this broken game in. It sucks now
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Aleithian  +   599d ago
While I'm glad Sony is on board, at the same time it shows just how bad things are at DICE/EA. Never getting an EA or DICE game on Day 1 again.
demonicale666  +   599d ago
Sold the game. Too late, won't buy another EA game without waiting first.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   599d ago
Add pre-game Squad up, like they were able to do with KZ:SF;; -thanks.
ironmonkey  +   599d ago
the xboxone version is bugged as hell as well and its hard to even have fun with it.
darx  +   599d ago
Pay to play!
mastershredder  +   599d ago
Good. As much as I loved BF3, I took a BF4 online hiatus until this fixed this stuff.
Kos-Mos  +   599d ago
What??? Do we have PROBLEMS on a next-gen console??!!!
DarthSocio  +   599d ago
People, remember all of this when the next installment of Battlefield rolls round. You paid full price for a flawed product. FPS games are the biggest rip offs.
Jack_Reacher  +   599d ago
I have played bf4 a lot on PS4 and had very little in the way of problems.Occasional map change problems thats all. i.e really slow switching. Tho I see there are some people who seem to want us all to know that the xbone has no problems and is flawless. Which is odd because I have a couple of mates who have it on the xbone and say they get texture glitching on the odd occasion and never in the same place.
XSpike  +   599d ago
I haven't had a problem with online since two patches ago on PS4, I played BF3 for two years in I'll do the same on BF4, its a great game much smoother & more action. So far only dislike 2 maps (for conquest) as even with 64players its sometimes a bit rare to find soldiers at times. Otherwise tons better then PS3 choppy 24players.
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