Project CARS Interview: How Slightly Mad Studios Are Taking Racing Games To An All New Level

GamingBolt recently spoke to creative director Andy Tudor about Project CARS especially pertaining to its shift from current-gent to next gen consoles, how it will differentiate itself from its competition and advancing the genre as a whole.

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XiSasukeUchiha1354d ago

My Power is level is over one million" Frieza 2nd form :Off Topic
OT: I can't wait for this game though:)

georgenancy1354d ago

back to stalking the pending section,aren't we?

curtis921354d ago

They are definitely taking screenshots to a whole new level. I kid... I'm excited for the game just ready to play it and not see screens every day.

curtis921354d ago

Well both do have cars... other than that their directions are quite different.

GarrusVakarian1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

So you have played Driveclub?

Please, tell me more.

starfox0791353d ago

Please Driveclub is crap their are much better racing games that come close to project cars like asserto corsa or what ever its called....

iistuii1354d ago

Yeah yeah, been reading this for over a year. Bring out the game, let's see how good it really is.

Aceman181354d ago

Yea when was this originally announced? I keep hearing about it but nothing else.

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