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Submitted by dirigiblebill 689d ago | news

First Titanfall gameplay had 7v7 battles, player cap "isn't a tech limitation"

OXM's Edwin writes: "I attempted to put controversy about Titanfall's 12 player cap to bed earlier in the week, but what can one lowly blogger do to assuage the internet's passion? Perhaps these excerpts from our latest chat with Respawn Entertainment will do the job." (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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dirigiblebill  +   689d ago
Did anyone ever knock Tekken because it doesn't support four player?
XiSasukeUchiha  +   689d ago
Difference is Tekken is a fighting game while Titanfall of FPS bro. We expected fighting games to have 2v2 while FPS should have more players is to be expected geez
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dirigiblebill  +   689d ago
We expect fighting games to have two players because we know that this makes sense for a fighting game. The exact same thing could be true - and going by 99.9% of the previews to date, IS true - of Titanfall.

There are no universal standards. Insisting that one game offer the same features/functionality as another "just because" is simply bad game design, end of story, thank you and good night.
Callediceman  +   689d ago
@dirigiblebill- your argument just imploded on itself bud.. You stated "there are no universal standards"(even though you are comparing Tekken MP to Titanfall MP), but in the same comment stated "We expect fighting games to have two players because we know that this makes sense for a fighting game". If there are no universal standards than what are you comapring?

I cannot make any sense of what you are trying to say.

Edit- for the record I'm looking forward to playing Titanfall, I'm not all that worried about the 6 vs 6
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king_george  +   689d ago

Nah dude. Player count in an fps isnt as important as balance. People are blowing this way out of proportion which is just plain silly. 6v6 is freakin awesome on CoD for example. Anymore than that would ruin the game. Can you imagine if Uncharted or The Last of Us had 64 player battles? It would be terrible. 6v6 is perfect for some games just like higher player counts is perfect for other games
fossilfern  +   689d ago
Hmm i suppose all those hundreds of hours I wasted on Quake with like 4 v 4 must of been a waste because going by your logic its a bad game...
Hatsune-Miku  +   689d ago
So this game is 6 vs 6 runs at 720p and looks like a last gen title and all that wasn't done because of tech limitations? We have next gen hardware and powerful pcs so I don't know why those versions don't have higher player count and run at 1080p 60fps. It's an online only game so I don't know why the game seems so lacking in content and production when all they have to focus on is just online multiplayer.

M.A.G on PS3 was an online only game and has like 256 people option mode with large maps. I'm not saying titanfail should have 256 players online or even close but it should have higher player count options. I'm ok with 6 vs 6 but I'd also like an option to play with higher player count. The game has npc running around wasting resources when they could be real player controlled characters.

People can make all the excuses in the world but if it walks like a duck and jumps over the moon don't cry wolf
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Utalkin2me  +   689d ago

64 player last of us would be awesome, problem is the PS3 couldn't do it and couldn't handle levels that big. Hence why the PS3 version of BF4 having 24 player.

Were talking about a mech game on a next gen system and take that for what you will. Didn't mech assault on original xbox have 6v6?

Cause it is a port to PC. It was designed around Xbox one, just like all you PC guys complained last gen.
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Septic  +   689d ago
"We have next gen hardware and powerful pcs so I don't know why those versions don't have higher player count"

Because...for the hundredth was the DEVELOPERS choice to put that player cap.
Why o why  +   689d ago
What do we really expect them to say, honestly.. Doesn't mean the game won't be a great multiplayer experience but honestly, after the downgrades on certain games and the disparity of some of the next gen multiplats compared to the competition, you'd be silly to rule out the possibility of hardware drawbacks.


Sorry mate but it seems the leakers words have been far more honest than the word of those actually trying to sell us something. Why would the sellers tell the truth here....that would have zero benefits for them. You've been at the shows and heard some of the pr speak so you should, more than most, acknowledge how the games shown weren't always on the real hardware and that would mean somebody has deceived us without flinching. I believe the pcs could easily do a higher player count but parity was mandated. Its not impossible is it.
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truefan1  +   689d ago
As I have said over and over again, the main uproar is being carried out by PS4 fanboys. I will admit they are very good are patrolling the internet and taking advantage of every opportunity to run down this game or anything xbox for that matter. They are so certain that Xb1 is holding this game back, just for clarification doesn't battlefield 4 support 64 players on XB1? Everybody who has played it says it was awesome, but since the game is 6v6 it all of a sudden sucks. I guarantee if this was a multiplat game, this wouldn't be a big deal. PS4 fans want it to fail, because they know the PS4 2014 lineup of games isn't as strong as XB1's 2014 lineup. When Titanfall 2 is being developed I hope they remember that same PS4 fan base.
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SilentNegotiator  +   689d ago
An entire extra 2 people?!?! OMG this TOTALLY wasn't a tech limitation then!!

Titanfall needs to drop the idea that every player needs a titan in ALL modes and have some modes with lots of real players and just a few titans.
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Biggest  +   689d ago
"We have next gen hardware and powerful pcs so I don't know why those versions don't have higher player count"

Because...for the hundredth was the DEVELOPERS choice to put that player cap."

Just like the 720p resolution. Developers love to choose that resolution now that we're in the new year of 2004.
Volkama  +   689d ago
"People can make all the excuses in the world but if it walks like a duck and jumps over the moon don't cry wolf "

I wish you had more bubbles so that you could explain that. If a duck jumped over the moon I'd say it's fair to call it out, regular ducks don't do that.
BlackTar187  +   689d ago
I'm thinking 6v6 is Dev choice due to map size.

Just a guess.
n4rc  +   689d ago
People do realize there is nothing stopping them from adding new modes which could be titanless 16v16 or all titans etc

I'm sure for launch they will focus on their core experience and follow feedback post launch
mewhy32  +   689d ago
In the light of other next gen shooters this player limit is unscceptable.
nukeitall  +   689d ago

Why bother?

If you notice, the only one complaining or questioning this, suggesting it is a technical limitations are, you guessed it, fangirls!

When you have up to 50 people at once, running around with AI, there is no issue having 50 people jumping around in game. In fact, having to have an AI for an additional 38 people takes more resources than co-ordinating another 38 real human players.

Go figure, but they won't accept that, and claim 720p blah, blah, blah.

Come in March, I will be enjoying this game with 11 others, and complainers can enjoy playing some other game!

Although, I will likely have more fun!!! Muha ha ha ha ha :D
ShinMaster  +   689d ago
Might as well play it on 360...
Kingoftherodeo  +   689d ago
Alright bud time to call you out on your fanboy bullshit. Why is it that you are always on top of every Microsoft related article or xboxone along with its games When you know damn well you don't own one or support the company. Do you enjoy having Sony all up in you.
Legion21  +   689d ago
That shouldn't be expected. You should expect the developers to create a fun game that works with their vision. For example spies vs mercs in splinter cell, the 2v2 worked nicely for what they wanted to accomplish. In blacklist it made a return with double the players but still offered the classic 2v2 which some people preferred because they feel it's the niche for that gametype.
sobotz  +   689d ago
For fighting game, four player multiplayer is not necessary. I don't want me to be a burden for my team lol.

Shooter game, in other hand, it really depends on the design that the developer choose, either they want this game to be more fast-paced like COD (or even more fast-paced than that), or slow-paced but with massive player like MAG or Battlefield.

Players capacity isn't really because the tech limitation, just like Deadbreed, a MOBA game from ex-just cause dev that only support 3v3. Meanwhile in Dota we can play it 5v5. Both are PC games, only their design choice are different one from another
NovasRevenge  +   689d ago
lol really REALLY you sound soooooo dumb trying to compare a fighting game with a FPS game. and would you expect ppl to knock the next street fighter game if it did not have 32vs32 in a single match.

im seriously trying to wonder how someone could be so {how can i put this nicely} braindead.

personaly i think its the xboxone holding it back and they had to do the same with the pc version just so it did not make the xboxone look bad.

seriously though i dont mean to be nasty but marbe you should consider brain surgery.
AKissFromDaddy  +   689d ago
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 features Tag Team (2 vs 2) mode for 4 players to play in a single match.
Blaze929  +   689d ago
lettucebereality, no one who was already excited about Titanfall, is not somehow less interested because they found out it's "only" 12 players....

this is getting ridiculous now.

What I'm seeing are a lot of "I was under the impression" or "i thoughts" - these all sound like personal problems because you misconstrued.

The average amount of players for your standard shooter is 8 v 8 for a total of 16. This has 12. So a loss of FOUR additional random people, somehow makes this game less exciting than it was before? A game over 90% of the gaming population hasn't even played yet?

okay. Like it doesn't make any sense; when has any gamer really looked at a game's information before purchasing and go, "only 12 players? Oh that's lame I'll pass."

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bennissimo  +   689d ago
Having tested the game, I can say that it earns all of its accolades. And I played a super early alpha build, before the one they brought to the world tour.

Titanfall was sick then, and I imagine it's even better now.
rdgneoz3  +   689d ago
"Having tested the game, I can say that it earns all of its accolades."

Seeing as your account if 57 days old and the past 24 hours are Titanfall defense posts, where's your proof of testing it?
otherZinc  +   689d ago

Continue making your game.

Everyone hating your game, has never played your game. Don't listen to 1 fanboy on this site, they're mad because Titanfall is Never coming to their console.

Respawn, you have millions of fans waiting to buy this game: do your thing! Titanfall sounds great.

Can't wait to say XBOX On; XBOX Play Titanfall.
dirigiblebill  +   689d ago

"your argument just imploded on itself bud"

Fair point. Allow me to rephrase:

"We expect Tekken to have two players because we know that this makes sense for Tekken."
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Callediceman  +   689d ago
@ otherZinc Your comment is the definition of fanboy.

@dirigiblebill- ok now i see what you are going for. so to paraphrase basically "the 6vs6 is what makes sense for Titanfall" and i think i agree with you. I will only know for sure after i get to play the game (which I'm totally looking forward to do)
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dirigiblebill  +   689d ago
Yep, that's it. Sorry for the confusion!
CorndogBurglar  +   689d ago
To answer your question, no, people have not complained about Tekken not supporting 4 players. Mainly because there are only 2 characters on the screen during a game. It would be ridiculous and stupid to expect 4 players in a game that is clearly made to be for 2 players.

People DID however make comments about the lack of 4 players in Tekken Tag Tournament. Because in those games, there are 4 characters in each match, which would make it possible to include 4 players.

So to answer your ridiculous question, no, people did not complain about the lack of 4 players in Tekken. Yes, people DID complain about the lack of 4 players in Tekken Tag Tournament.

However, this is completely stupid and irrelevent because FPS games have the ability to make the size of their matches as big as they want. We have seen FPS games support as little as 2 players, all the way up to 64 players and beyond. So yes, its a little disappointing to see a next gen FPS come out that only supports 12 players.

P.S. Don't be ridiculous.
dirigiblebill  +   689d ago
"We have seen FPS games support as little as 2 players, all the way up to 64 players and beyond."

True, my Tekken example was ill-considered. But as I wrote above, it's ridiculous and damaging to insist that a developer adhere to some arbitrary "universal standard" rather than pursuing their own, tailored vision for a game. Some games suit a higher headcount, some don't, and that's pretty much all there is to it.
iPad  +   689d ago

*sigh* Are you really that stupid?
HarryB  +   689d ago
64 player street fighter doesnt make sense does it?
moujahed  +   689d ago
WTF are you talking about dumb dude?
curtis92  +   689d ago
Key issue for most I think is that in the initial gameplay video we all assumed it was pvp. Turns out only a fraction was pvp and most was player vs. bots. That created a false perception as even I figured this game was more of an open, shared shooter game. Turns out very little is shared. Not saying that makes the game bad, it just knocks it down a few pegs to me.
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Hicken  +   689d ago
Hey, you can't say that. You're not allowed to be disappointed that what they showed earlier on isn't what they're giving you. Doing that means you're a Sony fanboy and a hater who was never gonna get the game in the first place. /s
malokevi  +   689d ago
It was always known to be 7v7 at these events, and always known that bots would be present on the field. It's your own fault for not keeping informed. Not that it matters, in your case. Ignorance is bliss.
Convas  +   689d ago

Why is this so difficult to understand?

People who played Titanfall before were playing with AI on the field, mixed with PvP. That fact was not disclosed.

Now that it is, has the enjoyment they got from their earlier playthrough been diminished? Somehow the knowledge that there was AI on the field mean that the fun had and the praise leveled on the game is no longer relevant?
maniacmayhem  +   689d ago
Interesting enough Hicken, most of the people disappointed or mislead about this game's direction are die hard Sony faithful's. One trip through half the comments here can easily point that out.

"Doing that means you're a Sony fanboy..."

Of course knocking a Sony game will get you the same title of MS fact it's most of the time YOU calling people that name when they have a sour opinion about a Sony game.
nategrigs  +   689d ago
This is exactly right. The fact that initial vids had a higher player count its further evidence of the misrepresentation.

This game is all about making you feel like you're part of a bigger war, which they may be able to accomplish by using bots, but if would have been nice if we knew this a while ago.
bennissimo  +   689d ago
Anyone who had been paying attention to the game already knew at the point the videos were released that the game was 7v7. Seeing dozens of characters on screen should've clued you in that they were using A.I. to make the game world richer and faster-paced.
nategrigs  +   689d ago

Why would dozens of characters on screen indicate that they were using AI?
Mega24  +   689d ago
From what I've been seeing and read of interviews, apparently the matches are scripted, if the bot are so essential and vital to the narrative, I consider it being scripted, are we going to see the bot doing the same thing over and over again when the same mission comes on. Other issue I have, the dev says its 6v6, but if all the players get titan they can put them on auto pilot making it 12v12, does that means AI's wont call down their own Titans? Only the players can?
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nategrigs  +   689d ago
The one thing that the cloud may be able to provide is dynamic AI/missions. It may be possible for respawn to continually update missions so you never play the same one twice.

I can't think of another reason for them to say that the cloud was necessary to pull this game off......Unless of course that was BS (which is likely)
Volkama  +   689d ago
@Nate it potentially has 36 fully active AI on the map at one time. It's an open multiplayer arena, so none of the usual tricks where NPCs are inactive until the player approaches. 36 AI.

For reference, Killzone Shadowfall's single player campaign could handle 24 at a time (per the devs).

If they say cloud compute is what enables that AI they have a pretty compelling case.

@Mega the bots are not intended to fill the role of a pretend player. I don't know for sure if any of them can call titans or jet pack around, but don't expect them to be as significant as the real players in the game or play with the same rules/objectives.
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JohnnyTower  +   689d ago
If the environments are as crowded as the footage shows, then it would get crowded pretty quickly with a bazillion mechs running around. Im not sold on this game, but I am interested to see how the MP-Only plays out. If the story suffers and its just repetitive deathmatch then I will pass on this one.
BattleTorn  +   689d ago
Honestly I don't understand why they seem to prioritizing each player having a Titan..

would it be that unthinkable to make players wait similarly to COD's assault-packages, or w/e - where if you go to use it while too many team member are already using it, it says 'airspace occupied' or aka 'not enough titans'

I'd rather have 12v12, with say 4 titans on each team, than having 6 titans for each 6 players.

As cool as it sounds to have all players with titans simultaneously - how often is that really going to have. And how different would it be to 4v4titans.
SilentNegotiator  +   689d ago
Don't give everyone a titan in game modes with more players. Problem solved.

Gee, I need a glass of water after all of that hard thought.
Volkama  +   689d ago
Congrats, you just solved a technical problem that doesn't exist. Enjoy your water.
bangoskank  +   689d ago
Gears of War multiplayer had less players on each team and was still a blast to play. Titanfall will also be awesome. People just like to bitch and moan about everything, and sony fanboys will never like it because it's not coming to their console.
xHeavYx  +   689d ago
I don't think Gears had bots all over the map. The same logic that you are using against Sony fanboys (which I guess is anyone who seems to have a negative thought towards Xbox) could be said about you, and the "Xbox defense team"
Bob Dole  +   689d ago
Don't need it to be on PS4 when ya got a gaming rig. Bitching and moaning about such a small player cap when we were led to believe otherwise is quite justifiable regardless of whether or not you're getting it on XBOX or PC.
bennissimo  +   689d ago
No one led you to believe otherwise.

The articles about Titanfall this past summer -- when the videos started coming in -- stated clearly that the game at the time was 7v7.

Any misunderstanding is on you and not Respawn.
Bob Dole  +   689d ago
The videos I watched led me to believe otherwise. Never read any articles about this game just saw the video and it looked awesome. I'm still optimistic about the 6v6 and how it will play but it is disappointing to have such a low player count when so many other games do not. Hopefully the PC version will be moddable and someone will be able to change this, but alas wish in one hand and shit in the other.
Mega24  +   689d ago
Whats with this fanboy logic... no one is attacking yours or anyones console. I played through all the Gears games(except for judgment), and only played the multiplayer once, on each, and they we're really bland and all people did was rush for the best gun then camp. Gears was more of a great Sp, with a weak mp, also gears was never a system seller like Titanfall is being made out to be.

My wish is Halo going for massive scales, see if 343i can break away from what bungie created making it a Hit of their own.

after tasting 32v32, is hard to go back to CoD style 6v6.
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bangoskank  +   689d ago
Not a fanboy at all, I'm a gamer. Actually I'll most likely be buying a ps4 before an xboxone. I just don't see why there needs to be ten different articles about this on the same site. Just shows how biased n4g is. Whenever something isn't on a sony platform almost everyone seems to gang up on it any chance they can get.
Bob Dole  +   689d ago
You shoulda been here 5 years ago, when it was the exact opposite. Every article was negative towards PS3 and most people on this site were biased against it. Just how it goes, whatever gets hits and gets the fanboys raging.
DJ  +   689d ago
False advertising much? What's the point of having so many bots populating the online multiplayer matches if the game was "meant to be 6v6".

Can we at least have the option of 12v12 or 24v24?
UbiquitousClam  +   689d ago
Because the AI characters will have there own unique purpose for being there. If you read there replies they state that the bots are not the same as the pilots (human characters). I think there going to be used a bit like minions are used in MOBA games.

Know one can really say yet whether its going to work but there trying something different!
TekoIie  +   689d ago
I'll copy and paste my comment from another article which explained exactly what the AI are:

"Those waves of easily slain AI Grunts aren't just for show: as with the Creeps in a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena title, they create a base level of threat that subtly impacts on the player versus player combat. You can convert them to your side by plugging one with a Data Knife, which may be worth doing when the opportunity presents itself, but probably won't turn the tide of battle by itself. You can also concentrate on killing the other side's Grunts to grind XP at relatively low risk (more kills equals faster Titan summons)."

It's also shown in the announcement trailer from E3:
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BattleTorn  +   689d ago

best explaination I've seen.

It explains why they would chose to have more AI than human.
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SilentNegotiator  +   689d ago

That's the fanciest way I've ever seen a developer dance around the word "filler"
dirigiblebill  +   689d ago

You sure you didn't get that from this? ;)
TekoIie  +   689d ago

I edited my comment and didn't explain that properly. My apologies but thank you for pointing that out and crediting the original source :D
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gamedebater   689d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(1)
DEEBO  +   689d ago
For most shooters 8vs8 was really the standard and bots were for a practice mode or when the lobby didn't fill up.
i was under the impression that this was a massive war game with big player count and i think that is were the criticism is coming from and some trolling.
The developer was saying that with too many people and so many was to get shoot from is why they change it to a smaller player count but if the Ai are suppose to be smart can't they do the same thing? and what about clan support?
The game looks fun and i not a game developer so i can't tell them what is best.all i can do is wait for the finish product and judge it for myself.
Revvin  +   689d ago
Official Xbox Magazine coming out to defend a Microsoft exclusive title, well there's a surprise! I've got this pre-ordered for PC but I'm pretty disappointed to hear of this low player count for multiplayer. Titanfall was heralded as a step on from Call of Duty, heir to the throne and its looking very tame.

6 vs 6 just doesn't cut it for a game like this and trying to spin the fact there is AI into a good thing just beggars belief. I don't play online multiplayer to play against bots, trying to distinguish AI from players is not going to be fun at all and I found the developers response a few days ago rather patronising and rather silly gushing about how he had to limit the time he played blah blah. Don't tell us what we want, we're the consumer, try listening to us and not the PR drones and fanboys who will now bombard the news pages with positive spin stories.
Blaze929  +   689d ago
"6 vs 6 just doesn't cut it for a game like this"

so, you've played it? Please tell me more about your experience with the game and why 6 v 6 doesn't "cut it" - based on your experience playing it.
#8.1 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Volkama  +   689d ago
Maybe you should play Battlefield or Planetside 2, it sounds like they cater to your tastes.

I am also a consumer, and I sure as hell want Titanfall. Doesn't sound like there is anything else out there quite like it.
Yodagamer  +   689d ago
I don't care about the player count as long as the game is both balanced and the game remains fun. Sometimes less is more when it comes down to it. If ya have to many it can become chaotic or to less it becomes boring. Its a matter of balance.
hankmoody  +   689d ago
This is for the geniuses on here that can't get it through their thick skulls:

It's not that the XB1 can't handle the player count, 6 on 6 is where the developers felt the gameplay was at its strongest. That's it. Battlefield 4 is 32 on 32 on the next gen consoles. Does that automatically make it better than other games with lower player counts? No. BF4 is a different experience than what Titanfall is trying to push. Maybe it would be a good idea to get your loyalties out of your head and read up on the details and the official company word than to just judge with no valid reference point.

I'm of the firm belief that most of you trashing the game had no intention of playing it anyway. It's amazing how people behave when they feel threatened. Behavior like this makes me feel almost ashamed to be a gamer in this day and age.
ShowGun901  +   689d ago
alright, the problem with the AI is the old bait and switch technique, not anything else...

lets say you saw gameplay of the new CoD, and it showed online battles with OBVIOUS player-counts in the 64-128 range, and the whole Eminem filled preview video was these MASSIVE battles... then in a low-key article not nearly as viral as the preview video, Infinity Ward said "its still 16 players, but theres 48 AI characters on screen" ...and "we never SAID there'd be that many players, you just ASSUMED it from the video we released showing 4 dozen soldiers on screen!" the internet would be up in arms about that, but if Respawn does it, its defended.

I'll probably still pick it up (on pc 1080p LOL) but its my opinion that the Azure system can't handle more players in a match without lag. why? because running bots is the same as running players as far as graphics are concerned. but more people connected affects latency. (think CoD Ground War), more bots dosen't.
ExitToExisT  +   689d ago
6 vs 6 is not acceptable for a multiplayer only game in my opinion.
Dlacy13g  +   689d ago
Please go play broken BF4 then.... the rest of us will enjoy TitanFall.
hankmoody  +   689d ago
Day One for me and one bubble for you.
ExitToExisT  +   689d ago
Actually i am playing bf4 on pc right now and i didn't have a single problem with it.
gedden7   689d ago | Off topic | show
Ripsta7th  +   689d ago
Wasnt TLOU 4v4?
Mega24  +   689d ago
And it got boring after one week, since all the people did was camp, yet MP wasnt the selling point on that title. Titanfall on the other hand doesn't really has a SP, its just a coopetitive campaign with 6v6 and a botload(hehe) of "dynamic" ai's that are part of the "narrative".
DJustinUNCHAIND  +   689d ago
More attention for the biggest game of 2014?

Oagoz  +   689d ago
Biggest game of 2014? Lol
lonewolfjedi  +   689d ago
Oh boy so does that mean the titanfall people were playing at e3 was 7 on 7? The hypeness for this game just went down substantially. Obviously this game is tech demo for Microsoft's cloud capabilities.
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HarryB  +   689d ago
The people who played the game said you couldnt tell much difference between ai or players. Remember all the players have a titan you can controll. Because of the titans they had to limit the player counts. Which make sense. Also they said when you lose a round or match you have to leave and fight your way to the extraction. And if you win you chase the losers out the map and if you get kills while they leave or when youre getting away you get xp points.

Any given moment there could 50 characters on the map total. So even though its only 6v6 any good fps player should act like a super soldier in this game. They said the game is designed to make you feel like your running super soldier. And I believe them. They made mw2.
Oagoz  +   689d ago
6v6 is default big deal. Ever think they would have a Ground War mode that supports more?
kewlkat007  +   689d ago
More gamers not getting the game complaining..what else is new.
SmoothC911  +   689d ago
we can sit here and debate player count, but one thing is almost certain: Titanfall will sell like hotcakes
frostypants  +   689d ago
Right...the player count is a limitation of the map size. The MAP SIZE is due to a technical limitation. Keep spinning away, PR dudes...
#20 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Dlacy13g  +   689d ago
Really? BF4 on Xbox One has large maps and 32 v 32... its not a technical limitation. Seriously...take the tinfoil hat off.
frostypants  +   689d ago
BF4 on the 360/PS3 doesn't. Just because one dev is willing to make different maps for different platforms doesn't mean another will...a lot depends on the engine and the time required to re-balance/re-size. Don't be so simple minded.
#20.1.1 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
Dlacy13g  +   689d ago
@Frostypants, I am not ignoring that. Nor am I ignoring the fact that Respawn said they were only doing development for PC and Xbox One and had no part of the port for Xbox 360.
ricochetmg  +   689d ago
Titan fall simply wont make up the 1 million plus consoles the xbox one needs to sale.Even with a higher player count its multiplayer only which turns a lot of people off. I hope the best for this gamer personally I think its overrated.
Dlacy13g  +   689d ago
I wasn't aware it was Respawn Entertainments job alone to sell 1 million plus consoles. Pretty sure they are just trying to make a great game.
JonnyBigBoss  +   689d ago
I am 100% confident that those of you hating on this game don't own a Xbox One and regularly hate on it despite having no idea what it's like to use one.

That's very counter-productive of you.
ShowGun901  +   689d ago
umm, very similar to using the ps4? except you shout at it? and dance around?


just cause i don't own it doesn't mean i havent looked at the OS online, or played it at a best buy, or at a friends house... BTW i'm really interested in titanfall because i'd like a killer app this spring for my PC, and it looks good... but remember how alot of games coming out for the xbone showed little chinks in thier armor, which were proven when the game released? (please don't ask for examples, there are plenty.) same thing here, its little things they're admitting... hope it isnt a sign of larger problems. here's to a successful launch of titanfall! (if ea doesn't somehow sabotage it! LOL)
#22.1 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
deadfrag  +   689d ago
So this game is still really 720p on the Xboxone?Is been confirmed?Source engine, 6v6 ,720p resolution is this actually true on a new system that should last 7 to 10 years?
_QQ_  +   689d ago
This is sad, it really is sad... look at all these people crying and moaning about Titan fall. I would take an FPS that is about balnce and new ideas over one about playe count.
Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   689d ago
CanadianTurtle  +   689d ago
It seems people don't understand gameplay mechanics.

Ever thought that they didn't put over 12 players because maybe the gameplay didn't flow properly? Maybe the game is a lot more fun when its 6vs6.
People have this odd and immature "bigger is better" mentality.

Look at Resistance 2 (30 vs 30). I love that game, and the online was amazing fun. But even I have to say that it didn't work at a competitive level.
#25 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Moncole  +   689d ago
6vs6 sounds very interesting with a bunch of AI doing little stuff in the game. It souds like they are combining a moba with a FPS.
cell989  +   689d ago
ooohhh damn watch out!! 7 vs 7 -__-
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   689d ago
"The choice of six players a side was made because this makes the game more fun to play - higher headcounts were experimented with, but these led to a lot of confusion and frustration, as play-testers struggled to keep track of all the potential threats."

Oh look people who actually played it preferred it with LESS players what da ya know!!! But NOBODY read the article here so fanboys orobably didn't catch that.
SpideySpeakz  +   689d ago
The game looks garbage. It's will be a campfest with only 6v6. Another garbage Bone semi-exclusive.
NeloAnjelo  +   689d ago
More like a hardware limitation... The XBONE
moujahed  +   689d ago
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