Fallout 3 Interview: Game Theory Show Episode 50

Fallout 3 lead designer Emil Pagliarulo from Bethesda Softworks joins Gary, Colin and producer Kris to talk about storytelling in open-ended games, bringing a hardcore PC franchise to the mass console market and other topics related to what might be the most anticipated RPG of '08.

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Relcom3871d ago

How did you like Planescape, i just started it, Its looks exactly like Baldurs gate just zoomed in. I want to know if its worth it? I just got the bronze sphere for that P dude. Was wondering if i should continue

MK_Red3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

OMG, dude that game ROCKS! It's my 3rd fave game of all time! After Fallout 2 and FFVIII, Planescape Torment is my fave game. Plus, it's music is just phenomenal. From the first menu theme it RULES!
And the characters and story are just out of this world. Story of this game is more complex than all MGS titles combined! Plus, it has the record for the biggest amount of written dialogue..

Uh and one more thing... Don't trust Morti (That skeleton head).

I'm so glad that you got this gem. Hopefully you can like it. It's seriously awesome IMO.

Relcom3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

About my tattoo that is way to many words(i think it smells fishy)I really like the world that they are in. In some ways its more brutal than Fallout, everyones is SO damn mean.

Also I steal and pickpocket alot, will that hurt my alignment cause i want to be good the good.

Gorgon3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Actually, you should trust Morte. Trusting the skull or not relates to who you're gonna be by the end of the game: bad guy or good guy. Now you want to know if Morte is a "good" skull or a "bad" skull right? eheh.

Relcom3871d ago

or he is workin for someone. that would be my guess so far. He is funny as hell though so i'm keepin him

Gorgon3870d ago


If you want I can tell you if Morte is a nice "guy" or not. But yes, there is a reason why he is hidding stuff from you. It has to do with what you were before loosing your memmory.

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kewlkat0073871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

looking forward to it..

Anybody knows how does this game play?

Any other games that fall in the same gameplay mechanics?

Relcom3871d ago

kinda like Kotor, closest thing i can thing it will be like. Butyou can either go turn based like the old school ones. Also you can play in real time like a shooter but your stats and AP(Action Points) come into play.

Charlie26883871d ago

how does it play?...well nothing remotely close to the original that is for sure, this one is more of a 3rd person shooter with some RPG elements and the ability to "freeze time" so you can shoot at the enemy and watch in slow mo

@Relcom: I think you are confused with another game, this Bethesda idea of a Fallout 3 (or what I call Brotherhood of Steel 2) has no turn base actions of ANY kind and the only thing they have said point will do is use them on the "slow-mo kills"