Elder Scrolls Online – debates over the subscription fee

Will a monthly subscription model work for the Elder Scrolls Online? The opinions are mixed!

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Shad0wRunner1677d ago

Sorry but....P2P is the way to go, with any MMO. Anyone who goes F2P, is shooting themselves in the foot.

thekhurg1677d ago

So that's why Rift and SWTOR became more profitable after going F2P?

Sorry but unless you have over 1 million subscribers, most MMO's can't make it in a P2P format. It's been proven time and time again that once you start bleeding money from your game because you're charging a monthly fee, the F2P option resurrects the game and gives you profits.

contradictory1677d ago

Path of Exile is a perfect example of how to not fuck up F2P

sobotz1677d ago

But the customization in PoE is very very limited, I play as a lvl 59 templar and it appearance doesn't look so different than lvl 1.

sobotz1677d ago

Why not B2P like Guild Wars 2. They can still gain profit with their microtransaction cosmetics.

Rynocirator1676d ago

You haven't played it have you? It isn't even worth a box purchase.

dsswoosh1676d ago

Doesnt work for me. So yea. Doesnt work.

TheGamingArt1676d ago

League of legends is free to play, enough said

GhostTurtle1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

lol at these guys mentioning games that aren't mmos. I'm with you brother. I would rather have P2P than P2Win. With that said, I haven't played ESO yet.

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AlexFili1677d ago

There's no reason subscription, free and freemium models couldn't all work with the right framework. It just takes some adjustments.

Fationably Late1677d ago

I agree. I think it's all about the demographic you're trying to capture and whether that demographic believes what you have created is worth the cost.

iistuii1676d ago

Paying for the game, then paying for PS+ To go online, then paying a subscription to play the game, no thanks. Spent hundreds of hours on Skyrim, but this is not for me.

xPhearR3dx1676d ago

I believe you don't need PS+ for TES Online. I remember reading awhile back about Sony talking to Bethesda about making it similar to F2P games were PS+ isn't a requirement due to the subscription model.

iistuii1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Ok, but what I'm getting at is most people who play online will have paid for PS+, it's still more money to shell out. Let's also not forget the ISP which we pay which also obviously is needed. Gaming is becoming bloody expensive.

xPhearR3dx1676d ago

Gaming has always been an expensive hobby. You don't have to pay for internet, you choose to do so because you want to be online. Same goes for PS+ you made that choice. Subscription based MMO's are not for everyone, but if that's where you going to spend most of your time playing games, $15 a month is nothing.

Hell, I remember paying for Runescape as a kid.

Tetsujin1676d ago

If there's some sort of compensation for + then I'll think about it; otherwise I'll pass. When I played 11 from 2004-8 I bought maybe 4-5 games total until I could afford the PS3 in March of 2007 (even then I only bought a few games). If the MMO game is good then you won't really need too many other games to pass time; hell I remember spending $156~ a year on 1 game (sub was $13 a month for 12 months), that's way less than me purchasing 2-3 games a month. If you include expansions still just around the $200 mark, there's some who spend more than that a month, some every 2-3 months.

One thing to keep in mind, you can buy 1-2 games and be happy, or 10+ and have the "nothing to play" syndrome.

_LarZen_1676d ago

F2P is not what gamers that want to use alot of time in a game should want.

It's only young people with little to no income and the super casual players that think that F2P is how all games should be.

F2P is a cancer in the gaming world and the sad thing is so many dont see it.

rextraordinaire1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )


I have a well paid job, and a busy life.

I would gladly play f2p ESO, but not P2P. Why?

Because in a week, I have about 5 to 10 hours to put on gaming, and that's when I really have nothing important to do. A month of 20 hours in a MMO is nothing. You're barely out of the tutorial levels at that point. What this means is that for me, getting to the same level as other players would actually cost me more money. Not only more time like offline or f2p games, but really more money. Add that to the retail purchase, and even if I'm not in a position to complain about money, I would end up paying more for something than I should.

The p2p model is made fore people that have nothing else to do than play MMOs. And even if I don't spend all my free time gaming, I consider myself a core gamer. I have huge save files for offline Elder Scrolls, hell, I even have a 300+ hours save file on a disgaea game. Took years to get there. Imagine how much it would have cost me if I had to pay a monthly fee?

_LarZen_1676d ago

You have that same opinion on your cable/satellite subscription? Or with Netflix,Spotify or Hulu subscriptions to mention a few?

I understand your issue with paying for playing a game you barely have time to play. But what about everyone that have the time to play a traditional mmo? Why do we have to play a casual gimped "pay for this and pay for that in your face" type of game?

Most of us have gaming as a hobby and put allot of time into our hobby as most people with a hobby would do. I hope you are able to see that dedicated gamers see people like you and people that like F2P as a cancer spreading around a hobby we love. Destroying and making everything just easier and dumber to please the casuals.

Dasteru1676d ago

F2P isn't the cancer. People who assume F2P automatically has to equal P2W, are.

F2P can be a good thing if done right, and lots of MMOs have done it right.

rextraordinaire1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

You talk as if you had the absolute definition of gamer. Sorry man, but gamers existed way before MMO games were considered possible.

Subscription based massive multiplayer online games appeared quite late in the biref history of video games. To say that those like me who won't play a game because there's a monthly fee are a cancer is far fetched. We won't play it. How does it stop you from playing it? Do you believe everyone should play it because it will finance a game YOU love?

You have the right to believe such business model is ok, but to say that a part of the community is like cancer because they don't agree... Really?

And to answer your question, I have no hulu, netflix, cable or whatever subscription. Only internet because I need it for work. So yeah, I don't buy such services because I have no time to invest in them. Same reason I don't subscribe to paid mmo.

_LarZen_1676d ago

Okay so I might have gone a wee overboard with the cancer part. Heat of the moment and all that jazz.

But come on..who don't have Netflix in 2014? :D

Joke aside... In your case you don't have the time to play as much as you probably want and you don't feel it's worth paying a monthly fee to play a mmo game.

And you would like a F2P version of the game and with all the changes a F2P model have. And if I can make a wild guess you probably do not want to use allot of time to earn your level or your gear or learn tactics in hard raid encounters?

You just want to have some fun when you have the time without feeling behind others.

And I totally get that. Problem is that many have the time. And want a challenge. And want to earn their levels. And their gear.

skyrimer1676d ago

Give me Oculus Rift support and I'll pay whatever they ask me to

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