Engadget: Presenting our Best of CES 2014 Awards winners

Sarah Silbert writes: "Curating the Best of CES Awards as an official CEA partner is not a responsibility we take lightly. Finding plenty of worthy finalists was easy, but narrowing down each category to just one winner? Not so much"

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Grave1597d ago

Good to see Steam Machines also get recognition.

mmc-0071597d ago

it was the only gaming device to be introduced but still its nice to see it there.

Decastis1597d ago

...but once again, nothing about the PS Vita.

miyamoto1597d ago

in a sense PS Vita and PS now go hand in hand so we should be happy for the PS Vita "now".

captainexplosion1597d ago

Im really curious to see what Now does for the VIta. Remote play is terrible IMO, but if they do it right Now could be huge for the VIta.

ELCUCO1597d ago

@Captainexplosion sounds like you need better internet. Remote play works fine for me. Only gripe I have about it is I don't like using the back touch as buttons, but that's only an issue when I play FPS'.