DayZ Standalone Is Not Such an Amazing Game, After All

Unigamesity writes: "For a game that started its Alpha stage with 88,000 players in under 12 hours and for a game that’s constantly on top of Steam bestselling titles, you would expect DayZ to be THE game to play. I mean, why would millions of people play a crappy game – one that was already successful as a mod? It has to be great, right? Well… not so much!"

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DanielGearSolid1596d ago

Everyone has an opinion

jackanderson19851596d ago

there's a reason why zombies are extremely limited at this point in time... 1) they're still glitchy as hell and 2) the servers can't handle a large amount of zombies.

both are due to be fixed by the time of the Beta (due next year i've heard)

you get a warning at the start telling you not to expect much more or less and the devs themselves have said don't try it if you want the full experience and aren't willing to wait.

Grave1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

If this dolt reviewed Dark Souls it would probably sound like this:

"Dark Souls is stupid and a waste of time. There were no instructions and I couldn't find any quests to do. I died a lot which isn't fun. I had to keep playing the same area over and over again. It was really boring. Dark Souls is a dumb game."

OhReginald1596d ago

What in God's holy name are you blathering about!

Snookies121596d ago

OhReginald... Do you... DISAGREE?? Sorry, couldn't help myself.

zippycup1596d ago

i loled you should review games and dont listen to reginald

stavrami-mk21596d ago

look at you trolling the reviewer . hahahaha douche nozzle kettle and black comes to mind hahahahahahahahahah

Uni-g1596d ago

Comparing Dark Souls with Day Z is like Comparing GTA 5 with the first Doom game...

zippycup1596d ago

people need to read better he wasent comparing games he was making fun of how the guy reviews games

spektical1596d ago

currently is still in alpha. Lots of stuff does not work. For the most part I agree with the writer, it is a large amount of nothing. Bugs galore, but you see the direction its going, and the current vision looks amazing. Every update is a joyful day for DayZ

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