AusGamers 2.0 Launches - New Look and Interaction Features

AusGamers has relaunched with a long overdue face-lift and new interactivity features. The all-new reviews pages, screenshots gallery and games database is as extensive as ever!

Changes include:

* Improved interaction - we've made it a lot easier for new people to get involved in the AusGamers community.
* Improved search - a new and improved search system for our extensive files archive is the first of several search improvements.
* Improved performance - we've completely overhauled the codebase and have moved to much, much faster hardware.
* More games content - we've expanded our already-massive games database to include more information, more screenshots, and more videos.
* More contributors - we're getting more people on board to help grow our editorial coverage to keep you informed. Interested? Let us know.
* New competitions - a brand new competition system will be giving you more opportunities to win some awesome prizes - starting today.
* More information - new modules on the front page show you what is popular on AusGamers, right across the board.
* Updated forums - we're expanding on our popular gaming forums with a variety of other topics.

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