Sony: Our Focus Is on PS4 Stock Levels So People Can Experience Next-Gen

Push Square: "We’re not sure that the PlayStation 4 could have sold better if it shipped with an image of Jessica Rabbit in the buff, as Sony has smashed record after record with its next generation machine. Despite that, the system still remains harder to find than a four-leafed clover in many parts of the world, but fortunately the platform holder has admitted that it’s fully committed to replenishing empty store shelves."

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Sevir1684d ago

That's good. The more the merrier! Good to see that demand is the only issue Sony is having to combat and that's a good issue to have where demand outstrips supply!

Hatsune-Miku1684d ago

Next gen starts when you have a ps4

iGAM3R-VIII1684d ago

They need more shipments to Canada right now. PS4 hasn't been in stock or even seen at any store since it's release. Even Amazon CA is selling the console monthly to it has stock.

BelkingOfSony1684d ago

i wish my ps4 was shipped with jessica rabbit.

MasterCornholio1684d ago

Where's your evil twin brother?

Kryptix1684d ago

Belking got banned temporarily. No wonder it's been a little...less stupid around here. lol

It's like the year of the PS2's launch, it only comes once every decade. Good to see Sony doing well, that means we'll see a plethora of new IPs, more than the PS3 and the gamers are going to be happy, no doubt.

DealWithIt1684d ago

They mean current gen. Next-gen hasn't been announced yet.

kneon1684d ago

Well it is next gen for those that haven't upgraded from last gen yet.

Callediceman1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

Well, Theoretically those who havn't upgraded are on last gen and they would upgrade to current gen.

kneon1684d ago

It depends on your perspective. I have a ps4 so to me ps3 is last gen. If I only had a Ps3 or 360 then the xb1 and ps4 would be next gen.

Callediceman1684d ago

For some reason i feel like one of the twins from Bioshock Infinite

DigitalHope1684d ago

When the majority of a player base is on system that remains the current gen with newer hardware still being next gen until a higher % of that player base has moved over.

NovasRevenge1684d ago

heres a FACT for you, your wrong. just because you are still on last gen {nothing wrong with that} does not mean the ps3 and 360 are still next gen lol.

DigitalHope1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )


I think you misunderstand me.

PS4/XB1 can easily still be considered next gen while PS3/X360 can still be called current gen.

The numbers I'm throwing out are not actual fact it's just to give an example.

Say your current player base on PS4/X1 sits around 15% and PS3/X360 sits at 85% then PS4/X1 are still seen as next gen as the majority have not made that transition.

At about a year if it sits at 40% for PS4/X1 and 60% for PS3/X360 then we start to consider the PS4/X1 as making that transition into current gen.

That is how the industry sees it and once the majority of players have adopted next gen that's when Sony and Microsoft start to put a focus on what they will do for their next hardware.

I myself have made the jump to next gen. That still doesn't mean it's "current" gen. Besides what you said made no sense to me, you basically said I'm still on PS2 or OGXB.

Sarcasm1684d ago

Umm player install base doesn't matter. It's current gen now because currently you could buy one now. It's not next. Next is going to be PS5 or Xbox1080 or whatever.

Cobberwebb1684d ago

So far there is nothing special about the 'new' generation of consoles. I can't speak for the X1, but the there is not much to shout about with my PS4. I prefer a unique art style over realistic visuals any day, and a great story. Tearaway is the perfect example. 10/10.

Ilovetheps41684d ago

Well think of this then. Resogun is not possible on the PS3. The computational power isn't just used for graphical purposes. It's also used for physics, AI, particle effects and much more. And besides, the generation just started. Go look at Resistance 1 and compare it to stuff we got in 2013 on the PS3. People learn the system better as time goes on.

Cobberwebb1684d ago

Totally agree. I just didn't articulate my statement very well lol. I wasn't expecting 'next' generation quality games yet, so I don't understand why Sony say "So People Can Experience Next-Gen". I enjoy Resogun and I can understand its computational requirements, it's only the beginning and I hope the extra power these consoles have is used this way rather than for visual realism.

Hicken1684d ago

Exactly what are you expecting to see, two months into the gen?

Cobberwebb1684d ago

I didn't say I was expecting so much so close to launch. I totally understand it will take time, as it did with the previous consoles. My statement was more about how I prefer good game play, story, and art style, before visual realism. Lately I'm enjoying games like Tearaway and Resogun far more than Battlefield and other generic shooters.

Utalkin2me1684d ago


You didn't say you was expecting so much close to launch?

"So far there is nothing special about the 'new' generation of consoles"

chrissx1684d ago

Thumbs up Sony we're with u all the way

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