PS4 o’clock – Sony’s PlayStation Now game streaming service explained

OPM: We’re back! Well, I’m back at least. Here’s the first PS4 o’clock of the year looking at Sony’s newly announced PlayStation Now service. It streams PS3 games to a range of devices including consoles, TVs mobiles and tablets. Here’s all the info revealed thus far.

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NeloAnjelo1679d ago

I will definitely be trying PS NOW

ZombieKiller1679d ago

Im dying to try PS now actually

Honest_gamer1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

i hope when it comes to the UK it's good a good back log of games (atleast 100 and not all just ps1/ps2 games) also hope it just one store because i want to play allot of Japanese games which is just to dear to import!, also on a site note why aren't psp games on ps+ would be good if they added them since i got my vita i find myself buying digital psp games more than vita games

hawkeyejonjon1678d ago

I will explain why PSP games are not on PS+. People were complaining way to much that they were putting it in PS+ so they considerably lowered the chance a PSP game will (if ever) show up on PS+. That is it. Go look on the Blog of playstation and look in the archives and go to a PS+ blog post that had a PSP game going into the service and look at the comments section. Oh boy like every PS+ member was complaining (some loved it but a lot hated it) and they were being entitled. The number 1 thing was everyone was comparing it to the EU PS+ Games(almost every week too at the time)

Honest_gamer1677d ago

But why would you complain at free games :S i would get it if every week it was always psp games, currently its 2 new ps3, vita games a week, i know i wouldn't mind if they added in 2 psp games in there as well, i mean the thing did sell like 75+ million.

hawkeyejonjon1677d ago

I never complained once about PSP games in the IGC. I go for all the free games even if i own it on disc lol. The thing is i never complained once because they can't always satisfy me and i am ok with that because i know somebody else may love it. Like Bioshock Infinite coming tomorrow i already own it but i won't complain. Why? Just because i own it doesn't mean everyone else bought it. I was happy getting PSP games (was just getting annoyed that they were choosing a bunch of Fighting games from the PSP list. They were good games but always having the same genre is quite boring. I wanted more variety was all. Some months was a different genre but mostly fighting but i never ever wanted PSP to get off of the IGC. I actually never wrote on the blog. Except once but that was about Music unlimited and not about the games. Why people complain? If it is not a game that they want they complain which also means that they were being entitled because they pay $50 a year. Yeah they pay but after like 10 different games you downloaded from PS+ would pay for the subscription and they couldn't satisfy everyone. People seem to love to complain.

For PS+ it actually goes like this:
1st week of the month: 1 PS4 Game And 1 PS3 Game
2nd week of the month: 1 PS3 Game
3rd week of the month: 1 PS3 Game And 1 PS Vita Game
4th week of the month: 1 PS Vita Game
(Rinse & Repeat every month)

In total
1 PS4 Game a Month
3 PS3 Games a Month
2 PS Vita Games A Month

digger181679d ago

Won't work very well in the UK. Here we have download Caps with quite a few IP's

Honest_gamer1679d ago

they also all offer an unlimited service, i'm unlimited 8mb/s with BT something like £15 a month give or take a pound, this month alone i've used just over 400gb

parentoftheyear1679d ago

You would be surprised. I was an early adopter of on live and always had bandwidth CAPS here in America and would run test and play and it would be right around like a sometimes smaller. Our cap is.only 300 we watch all day and we hardly ever coke close.

Honest_gamer1679d ago

I was with O2 once and they automatically 'upgraded' me to a 50gb cap oh that was a hard time

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