Dungeon Of The Endless Video Preview: A Hardcore Sci-Fi Stunner [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn presents live Dungeon Of The Endless gameplay to show off the basic systems and initial impressions.

Dealspwn writes: "Dungeon Of The Endless may only be in early access, but Amplitude Studios' genre hybrid already looks beautiful and plays beautifully.

Halfway between a roguelike and a dungeon defence game, you'll lead a team of heroes though procedurally-generated levels, exploring and gradually uncovering unpredictable environments full of traps and deadly creatures. However, you'll also have to defend a crystal to stay alive: a power generator that lets you transform the dungeon into a powerful fortification bristling with turrets and defences. Constantly changing pace and hitting you where you least expect, this is very much more than the sum of its already-impressive RPG, roguelike, strategy and defensive parts; including elements we'd only traditionally expect from 4X games. Well, they did develop Endless Space after all."

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