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New Race Driver: GRID screenshots

Besides having the demo up on Xbox LIVE (also scheduled to hit PSN later today), Codemasters have released three new screenshots from locations players are able to race in in the demo. (GRID, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Cwalat  +   2710d ago
looks good but i won't buy anymore Racing games until Motorstorm 2 hits shelves...

somehow this looks alot like Needforspeed... :/
anyways... a no show for me..
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Todesengel  +   2710d ago
it does look very NFS like, but I've always liked codemasters racers, all the way back to TOCA 2 touring cars on the psone!
Jok3r  +   2710d ago
Nice pics..
But it looks like a dream in motion! The San Fransisco stage has some of the best visuals I have ever seen in a game! Great lighting,camera-effects etc in this one =)
stu  +   2710d ago
This game is the SH$T!
I pre ordered mine and i have not bought a racing game in years. This will be better than anything out there for a long time.
bumnut  +   2710d ago
i just played the demo
the graphics are good but the handling is very arcadey.

i will be giving this one a miss
SullyDrake   2710d ago | Off topic | show
kn  +   2710d ago
How do the visuals compare to GT5:P?
Anyone have both yet (obviously need both 360 and ps3 since the PS3 version is due out shortly)
justgamez  +   2710d ago
How do the visuals compare to GT5:P?
They don't.
I am not being a fanboy but I am serious. They don't compare at all to GT5P. They are not even close to being in the same league. I played the GRID demo on both the 360 and PS3 already. It's DiRT on Tarmac. Nothing more and nothing less. It uses the same engine and the same load screen with the same stat tracking.

It's a fun game to play but comparing it to GT5P is like comparing a hotdog with no bun and a glass of water to a steak w/potatoes, veggies and your favorite beverage.
Close_Second  +   2710d ago
Why compare to GT5?????
This is an arcade racer not a simulator. I really enjoyed DIRT and if it had not been for the weak physics it would have been the best arcade rally game I'd ever played. That honor still goes to Rallisport Challenge 2 on the original Xbox.

I have played GT5P and whilst it looks good and handles great, I still love solid arcade racers for pure quick fire fun and enjoyment. So if the reviews are good then GRID is a day 1 purchase for me.

Oh yes, whilst talking about GT5:P biggest complaint is no damage modeling which we know they will eventually get too. But I still really hate how a plastic tape barrier can stop a car travelling at 200kph in its tracks!!!!
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kn  +   2710d ago
I asked about the visuals, not the gameplay... Maybe should read my post a little more carefully. It is painfully obvious it is an arcade racer but then that wasn't my question.
Close_Second  +   2710d ago
Fair enough...
...I have played both and can clearly see that GT5:P is all about simulator realism where as GRID is all about arcade style visuals. Big crashes, lots of smoke, noise. GRID looks and feels like an arcade racer all the way.

GRID does not hold a rock steady framerate (yet), on a native 720p display there are still jaggies and I wish someone would improve environment reflection in cars. Trees look a lot better in GRID than they do in GT5:P and GRID's partical effects are some of the best I have seen. That is, smoke from skids acts more like smoke and not steam ((i.e. the smoke hangs around for a while). GRID also leans towards Project Gotham Racing gameplay but with some Burnout damage modeling thrown in for good measure.

Why don't you make up your own mind by playing GT5:P and the GRID demo yourself. Me, I love a good arcade racer but after playing the GRID demo I'm now not 100% sure its for me. Certainly needs further work to clean up the visuals and to tighten the controls. Oh yes, you can certainly tell they used the same gfx engine they used for DIRT.
stu  +   2710d ago
justgmez come on- r u kidding?
This game is every bit as good visually to GT5. Obviously justgamez has not played the demo or he would see this. The games engine is a whole evolution ahead of motorstorms first. Its like comparing gears of war to gears of war 2 - big difference. The visuals are amazing - everyone will soon see.
justgamez  +   2710d ago
See any eye doctor quick
It's not even in the same stratosphere visually.
The car models in GT5P blow away GRID (are better then any racer out this gen hus far).

So I guess you think DiRT looks as good as GT5P as well because graphically DiRT and GRID are almost identical.
tudors  +   2710d ago
Played the demo (xbox-360) and it has...
just the right balance for me, I have not played GT5P but what I can tell you is that GRID is no slouch, and it's very very fast. Graphically at times it looks very realistic, the drift option in the demo does not look as good as the other levels, I was using HDMI but VGA works best for me, if you don't like your games to lack AA then use VGA.

I have no doubt this will top PGR4.
stu  +   2710d ago
Grid has insane graphics
No need to compare to GT5 because this will be miles ahead since its not a half completed game. I wouldn't buy GT5 til its 20 bucks on amazon. No comparison- period. Reviews will show this is a winner.
LeShin  +   2710d ago
Damn, some people REALLY need to see an optician!!! lol If you think the graphics on the cars look better in GRID, you've got some REAL problems. Want an example? Go to the in-car view in both games using the Ford Mustang and say which is better? I liked DIRT a lot but I'll be giving this a miss. Between GT5P,Midnight Club LA and Motorstorm 2 my racing fix shall be complete.

One thing I just thought of. Playing the demo, I liked the damage effects as I crashed a lot at first, but then I got better and I realised something, I completed a lap without crashing so I never saw any damage effects. When GT5P gets damage, since I reckon Polyphony loves realism, if you crash into a wall too hard, that'll be your race over, no flashbacks nothing. Imagine doing an endurance race and that happens....OUCH! See that's the thing about realism, you can't get away with certain things. Good drivers in GT5p (especially the guys high up in the leaderboards) will probably NEVER see any damage effects so it won't be important to them.

Be interesting to see what people think when they actually do get damage because knowing Polyphony, it won't be just a few dents but the performance of the car that will be affected. I don't really care about damage because if I did, I'd get Burnout :)
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LeShin  +   2709d ago
Just thought I'd add something after playing it for an hour.......IT'S BLOODY FUN!! I started playing it with my Driving Pro set-up and wasn't impressed, but playing it with the joypad is awesome! I'll still say it does NOT look better than GT5p though but it has it's own graphical style to it.....and it's very good!

Might have to pick this up after all......man, I don't have the money for all these damn racing games!!

Damn, you Codemasters........DAMN YOU TO HELL!!
DomUltra  +   2709d ago
This game just straight up sucks, DiRT with racing/tuner cars. I hope Codemasters are eating their face right now with their promise of delivering a better overall game than GT5, sorry but this is garbage compared to a master piece, hell it's garbage compared to Forza.

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