Rayman Legends for PS4 & XB1 Coming a Week Earlier

Ubisoft has just announced that the next generation versions of its critically acclaimed 2D platformer, Rayman Legends, will be coming out on February 21st, one week earlier than originally planned.

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Neonridr1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Wow, talk about milking it Ubisoft. Guess they weren't happy with the sales from the previous release since the Wii U managed to sell more copies than the 360 or PS3 did.

It was already 1080p/60fps on all those consoles, with online multiplayer.

What are they going to say is the selling point of these new versions? Oh I see, new costumes and a couple of extra challenges.. definitely worth another $60 right? :P

theXtReMe11678d ago

A great platformer is a great platformer, something we only have one of on the PS4. It's only releasing for $39.99 and I'm going to buy it. I imagine others will too. I didn't play the game on last-gen systems and every once in a while I want a platformer just to kick back and relax with.

I'm excited this is coming. It brings a little old-school flavor to next gen systems at a decent price.

zerog1678d ago

Amazon is selling it for $40, I'd expect other retailers to do the same.

MegaRay1678d ago

Atleast its just 40 USD, unlike TR

Neonridr1678d ago

well $40 is a little more acceptable I guess.

Funny thing is the game will probably sell better on XB1 and PS4 than it did on the 360 & PS3. My guess is that it will have something to do with the fact that there isn't anything else that's new, so gamers will be looking for anything to fill that void.

vikingland11678d ago

I think it's for people that didn't play it on the other consoles. Myself included.

SilentNegotiator1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

No one has a gun to your head.

Already have the Wii U/PS3/X360 version? Good for you. Keep it and let the people that haven't even played it yet enjoy the PS4/Xbone versions.

@Neonridr (#1.4)
Which probably explains it doing best on Wii U on the release week.

Neonridr1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I realize that some people have not played the original, but many users would blast the Wii U owners in regards to double dipping. Why play NFS, Batman, Tekken, Deus Ex, etc, etc, when you could get cheaper on a previous gen machine. Double standards now?

When you have two consoles that have 80 million each and a console that has about 3-3.5 million (at the time of release) it says a lot when the console with the lower install base sold more copies of the game.

Wii U owners wanted it because it was originally a Wii U exclusive, so I think more of us were excited for the game from the start. And secondly the Wii U version was voted as the best version out there since it utilized the gamepad the way the developers intended the game to be played.

And yes, the release schedule was a little more barren for the Wii U so the game probably stood out better instead of releasing against bigger titles on the 360 and PS3.

Utalkin2me1677d ago


Well of course it's going to sell better on WiiU when it seemed like it was touted as WiiU exclusive and considering there was nothing else to play at the time on WiiU.

TheGreatAndPowerful1677d ago

It'll be 1080p/60fps on both next-gen consoles which is pretty cool thing and it's priced at $40 not $60 Neonridr. :P

Rayman Legends on PS4 & Xbox One: Uncompressed textures, no load times

Neonridr1677d ago

Yeah I was merely taking a shot in the dark at $60 basing it off of new retail games.

It's a fantastic game, so if you haven't played it yet, then sure, definitely buy it.

I was merely poking fun at the fact that Ubisoft has to recoup their lost money from the other versions so they need to release a next gen version to try to attract more sales for the same game. (even if it has uncompressed textures and no load times, along with a few new challenges and some extra costumes)

Dunban671677d ago

The PS3 ha now sold a fair amount more copies than the Wii U- the XB 360 has sold nearly as many as the Wii U- I hated the delay as a Wii U owner but Ubisoft made the right business decision no doubt

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Captain_Mushroom1678d ago

Small note, guys. For some reason, N4G is giving me an error whenever I try to either upload an image, or copy/paste an URL. No clue what to do :I

Skate-AK1678d ago

They are having some sort of server problems or something. It's being weird with me too.

Captain_Mushroom1678d ago

Yeah, I've seen after that a few others with the same issue. Oh well, no biggie :)

ShinnokDrako1678d ago

What changes in the PS4/Xbone versions (compared to Vita, WiiU, PS3 and so on)?

Neonridr1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

apparently the visuals will be even better? Maybe they are using 4K textures or something. The game was 1080p/60fps on last gen, so I can't imagine it's going to look that much better.

And some extra challenges and costumes have been addded.

Fine for someone who never played the game, but I own it on the Wii U and it's beautifully played there. Not enough extras to warrant a second purchase for me.

I wonder if the PS4 version will try to utilize the Vita as an option so you can play the game like on the Wii U as the developers originally intended it to play.

theXtReMe11678d ago

They are also utilizing the touch pad on the DS4 controller. Id imagine there is no reason they couldnt use the Vita for a second screen, like the Wii U.

Visually, they upped the resolution of the textures, better lighting, more and better particle effects, smoother animation. I think it will be noticeable, but something that has to be witnessed as opposed to something that jumps out at you. Though, I could be wrong about that.

For $40, its a great platformer and something that could probably be had for $30 or so, with a little shopping around. Im looking forward to it.

JohnnyTower1677d ago

I have it for Wii U as well. The 2nd screen always bugs me. I have a 106" screen to play, so Im obviously not looking at the tablet screen, and yet if I wanted to play my Wii U game on the tablet, I have to be within my living room or the signal doesn't go through. I wish Ninty would have thought about extending the range of the Gamepad. I would play that sucker in bed all the time. It seems that the tablet just doesn't fit in.

Neonridr1677d ago

@JohnnyTower - the Off Screen play is a huge plus for me. I have a wife and young son, so they monopolize the TV a lot, so I can at least sit in the same room as them but still play the console.

Who knows, we could always end up seeing a Gamepad+ release in the future that would allow for larger ranges or maybe even allow the Wii U to connect via a home network like how the Vita does for Remote Play.