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Yi-Long1680d ago

Bioshock Infinite should be very good. :)

I love my PSN+.

GamerXD1679d ago

OUTLAST AND METRO!? DAMN! Eat my 50 bucks Sony!

abzdine1679d ago

Best place to play without a doubt

minimur121679d ago

I'm pretty certain about Bioshock coming to PS Plus being as USA has had it.

But I'm not sure if this is me or not, but wasn't Metro: LL once called 'The Last Light'? I swear I've seen it abbreviated around release as M:TLL

Or is it just me going bonkers?

MazzingerZ1679d ago

Amazing that PS+ has become such a good service that it is even worth "rumor" articles

Eonjay1679d ago

This is getting ridiculous now lol. They continue to impress.

Ritsujun1679d ago

More than 60 free PS4,PS3,PSVITA,PSN,PSP games every single year.


I told you that Outlast will be free on PSN Plus when it releases on PS4 (check my comments history). I didn't expect to be launched so early though. I hope they they enable the PS4 camera feature where the camera raeds your emotions and regulates the scare based on your state ( I can be mistaken and the feature will be with DayLight). Expect DayLight to be free on PSN Plus too when it releases on PS4.

k2d1679d ago

Finally got hold of a PS Vita. And turns out I'm a complete sucker for "Don't Starve". 2014 has been a good to me so far!

nix1679d ago

i've been surviving only on free games from PLUS since i subscribed to it. i did buy few but mostly has been free games. and i was talking only about Vita.

sadly my ps3 has been out of service since i got PLUS. irony. /:

badz1491679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

we in region 3 is getting great games this time around too.

PS4: Don't starve

PS3: Bioshock 2 (Bioshock 1 still there too), Malicious, Disgae 3 Return, Yakuza 1 & 2 HD, Do Not Fall

PSV: SOUL SACRIFICE (WOOHOO!!), Pixel Junk Monsters: Ultimate HD

looking at the trends, hopefully Bioshock Infinite will be next. :-) My god...this month is gonna be AWESOME oh...need a new HDD. my 320GB can't bear the pounding! LOL

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DigitalHope1679d ago

If Outlast is dropping in Feb I better go get myself some new boxers. Have a feeling my current ones will be getting spoiled.

vigilante_man1679d ago

From the trailers I saw this is easily the scariest game ever!

Cannot wait for Outlast. Also like the look of Metro. Not a fan of Bioshock but Modnation Racers is worth a blast.

More games than I have time to play, not enough disk space - stop it Sony!

CocoWolfie1680d ago

oooooooooh! metro and dynasty <3

DarkLordMalik1680d ago

Good list for sure. I hope it is true. Seems plausible.

Hellsvacancy1680d ago

Metro :(

I really want to play it, I did start to, and I liked it, it just doesn't look that great on the PS3, jaggy, soon as I heard a PS4 version is coming I stopped playing and got a full refund

It's going to be hard to resist it once it's on PS+

XANDEO1679d ago

Is there a ps4 edition coming? Is it confirmed?

Hellsvacancy1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I'm not sure (after reading what I just did)

I thought it was, but now it seems it might not

What do I do?

DeadlyFire1679d ago

Not confirmed. All that was said is that if it was commercially viable they could do it, but no plans have started yet. I am thinking by time anything would start it would be time for next Metro game so they might skip idea of PS4 version of Last Light to aim for a new game.

kevnb1679d ago

get it on pc? I don't know what to tell you...

sparced1679d ago

I think this confirms no PS4 release otherwise why would they make a deal.

XANDEO1679d ago

That's what im thinking

minimur121679d ago

.....but why would they give it out for free when there's a PS4 version they can make money off?

XANDEO1679d ago

If it's on ps plus next month id definitely play it. Hopefully they dont announce a ps4 version a week later though lol.

Hellsvacancy1679d ago

Yeah i'm going to, hopefully they're working on the next installment

Neonridr1680d ago

Wow, here's hoping Outlast makes it to the NA PS+ next month as well. Not having a PS3 or Vita makes my PS+ slim pickings at the moment. I know it will eventually pick up once the PS4 has been out for a while.

iistuii1679d ago

Its true. As someone new to PS+ who only has a PS4 it is slim pickings at the moment.