Battlefield 4 Best Jet Tips & Tutorial

When its comes to Jet, Battlefield players are likely to either run towards or run away from it at the beginning of a match. Jets are incredibly powerful in the right hands, but there’s no doubt they require practise in order to get the best results.

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cell9891559d ago

I love attack jets, I could spend hours on the skies with one of those, busting tanks and boats with the TV missile, so friken awesome. These are the moments when I realize COD could never offer me what BF4 does

Ace Killa 081559d ago

Not really a tutorial, just the obvious attack jets go for tanks and stealth for air to air.

I've read better in battlelog forums.

TechNews1559d ago

Pro Jet pilots ruin the game..

Detoxx1559d ago

Sure how dare pro players do what they are good at. /s

TechNews1559d ago

not hard to be pro at it..

Detoxx1559d ago

Not hard to be good at it? Then why complain that pro jet pilots ruin the game LOL.

TechNews1559d ago

I don't fly Jets I fly Heli and Jet pros that constantly kill heli coming straight down at them from above ruins the game for me and a lot of others.. if you're 100 colonel jet pilot going after a heli you sir suck the cac and are a noob..

Detoxx1559d ago

Jets are jets dude, choppers are easy kills.

venom061559d ago

nope, not at all, they probably just ruin your game because you haven't unlocked the Stinger to shoot them down..

IndiaFPS1559d ago

haha dats true but its not too hard to unlock, u will take atleast two stingers to take down a pro player