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Submitted by matgrowcott 760d ago | news

SOE Teases Games That'll Please PS2 Players

Sony Online Entertainment are working on a set of unannounced games, some of which CEO John Smedley claims PS2 players "might just like." (Champions of Norrath, PC, PS4, Retro, Sony Online Entertainment)

XiSasukeUchiha  +   761d ago
Crash bandicoot?
boya3gob94  +   761d ago
The real Crash was on Ps1
360ICE  +   760d ago
Hey, everyone! They're talking about Planetside 2. If you see in context, it makes sense.

Not the best title, mind you.
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UltimateMaster  +   760d ago
Artile ~

Aside from the Everquest games, SOE had the Champions titles on PS2. They were spin-offs of Everquest, an action-RPG using the Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance Engine. With online capabilities, it was possible to play with groups of friends via the internet, although you could play alone as well.

Quote: "We have EQN and EQNL coming along with other….. games… that PS2 players might just like :)"

So we may be looking at a new Everquest, I know there's a new one in production. It could also be a new champions title.
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XisThatKid  +   760d ago
^ Want
kupomogli  +   760d ago

Good that someone remembers those games. Champions of Norrath and Champions Return to Arms were awesome.

The PSP Untold Legends games were "okay" but poor compared to the PS2 games. I didn't like the PS3 Untold Legends at all.

I'd buy the games if they made some upscaled versions of it. Release it exclusively on the Vita or something, because the system is in dire need of good games. It's got good games, just too few.


Although after reading the story, it seems that it might be mmo games that have a monthly fee. How they're stating the pay $15 a month to play all our games instead of just one, etc.
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LightofDarkness  +   760d ago
Planetside 2, guys.
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Kornholic  +   760d ago
Sorry, but the PS2 abbreviation is reserved for Playstation 2.
TomShoe  +   760d ago
Brittany Spears: Dance Central please.

"Hit me baby, one more time, UH!"
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DOMination-  +   760d ago
In this case he's talking about Planetside 2, a game that his studio (Sony Online Entertainment) developed. He is saying they are developing other games that players of Planetside will enjoy.
Prime157  +   760d ago

Not when SOE (Sony online entertainment) is also in the title. As that is different from PlayStation.

That's called context. Most of us learned that in elementary school.
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Omegasyde  +   760d ago
I also would like to see a sequel to Britney Spears: Dance Central.

They should call the sequel, Britney Spears: Dance Central "2".

With a taste of your lips
I’m on a ride
You're toxic I'm slipping under
With a taste of a poison paradise
I’m addicted to you
Don’t you know that you’re toxic
And I love what you do
Don’t you know that you’re toxic
jon1234  +   760d ago
PS2 - Playstation 2

Ps2 Planetside 2
SnotyTheRocket  +   760d ago
SOCOM II HD Edition.
Commodore  +   760d ago
Stall that talk sailor...They hate us. Even though we made the PS2 an online console. They are too stubborn to admit that they screwed up the series and give us what we want.

If they did, I'd never buy another PS4 game (probably why they don't want to give us the game) or get off my couch.
SilentSolid  +   760d ago
No need for a SOCOM remake/HD edition when H-Hour is here soon ;)
Omegasyde  +   760d ago
I have low expectations for H hour and I was a backer for the kick starter

If they announce Seth Lousi is attached to the project, then I want my money back immediately.
KratosSaveUs  +   760d ago
They're talking PS2 as in Planetside 2 not the Playstation 2.
SageHonor  +   760d ago
0 agrees 27 disagrees... OUCH
GT67  +   760d ago
yeah, more CRASH no more damn zombie games for crying out LOUD enough of that sh't.
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Mystickay86  +   761d ago
I want Xenosaga I-III. Please! :P
StealthPandemic  +   760d ago
Okay how does Xenosage in anyway relate to Planetside 2? Monolith Soft (the release devs) are KNOW OWNED by Nintendo so you won't see Xeno on any none-Nintendo platforms.
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   760d ago
Namco still own the publishing rights to Xenosaga so they could re-release it except they won't. Namco seem to just hate that series. Too bad, really.
LAWSON72  +   760d ago
What is up with people and the word KNOW it is now sorry, but I see this error all the time.
rayzorn  +   760d ago
I now what you mean. . Muahahahaha
Zjet  +   760d ago
SOE and PS2 ?

First thing that comes to mind is Champions of Norrath.......
Myst  +   760d ago
Oh I loved that game ( Champions ) and wouldn't mind playing it again.
imt558  +   760d ago
Absolutely the best Hack & Slash RPG from PS2 days. I hope SOE will bring Champions on PS4.
Mr Marvel  +   760d ago
It was awesome, but I preferred the BG:DA games... but only slightly.
Ragthorn  +   760d ago
OMG, I played that as a kid with my brother, we beat it so many times again and again. We never got bored of it! I miss those days along with Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Champions of Norrath started it all playing split screen coop with my brother, and afterwards were the Star Wars Battlefront games. He would always beat me, but I still had a ton of fun (Except when I raged, and he let me win one time lololololol).
SaiyanFury  +   760d ago
I would LOVE to see HD remakes of the Champions games. They're two of my alltime favourite games from last generation. Please make it happen SOE...
Caleb_H  +   760d ago
Oh boy. SOE and PS2. The first thing that should come to mind is Planetside 2. PlanetSide 2. .P.lanet.S.ide.2. PS2.
Myst  +   760d ago
Dark Cloud?
Kal853  +   760d ago
Another Bully would be awesome.
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Mills93  +   760d ago
I'd probably buy a PS4 for Champions of Norrath game
Genecalypse  +   760d ago
Did you guys not read the article? Hes talking about how subscribers to SOE games like Planetside 2 will be subscribed to all SOE games. And how those games will "please PS2 players"

He means planetside 2. not Playstation 2
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DeadlyFire  +   760d ago
I am thinking its a shooter.
HaHa_Ostrich  +   760d ago
SOCOM. The PS3 never had the real SOCOM experience.
Elwenil  +   760d ago
I've given up hope of a real SOCOM experience to ever happen again. H-Hour seems promising but I've been burnt too many times and it's a bit early to tell exactly how it's going to end up to fall in behind it just yet. The last video that was posted had a lot of disturbing things in it that I would rather they not include.
ErryK  +   760d ago
If you mean Planetside 2, use the word. Don't abbreviate it to a well-known console.
Maxor  +   760d ago
Well know if you're collecting social security gramps. Nobody game on your dino console anymore. Now a days if PS2 and Sony Online Entertainment are mentioned in the same sentence, then it is understood that PS2 obviously mean Planetside 2.
snookiegamer  +   760d ago
PS2 is Planetside 2 lol
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snookiegamer  +   760d ago
For a minute I actually thought a PS2 game was being developed. Even tho my PS2 days are long passed, I was happily surprised. The title is terrible IMO.

**sorry it double posted ;/
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DanielGearSolid  +   760d ago
Champions of NORRATH!!!!
Mr Marvel  +   760d ago
filipakos  +   760d ago
Next bring onimusha on ps4 :D
contradictory  +   760d ago
hahaha i thought it was PlayStation 2 at first too


speaking of which i think people on PS4
are gonna have their minds blown by PlanetSide 2
ZeoN  +   760d ago
Nostalgia is killing me!
GhostTurtle  +   760d ago
Wouldn't mind seeing another EQ MMO put on PS4. EVERQUEST NEXT ONLINE ADVENTURES ftw!
Prime157  +   760d ago
You can tell the people who don't ever read the articles by the ones talking about PlayStation.

Seriously, it's talking about pc games via Sony online entertainment. Which is Sony's computer division.

I wish the first poster would get banned as he just tries to be first, always, and ruins talking points (sasuke).
girlwithturn  +   760d ago
Champions (Untold Legend for PSP) - Everquest Spin-off :P
OhReginald  +   760d ago
@mattgrowcott He is talking about Planetside 2...not Playstation 2.
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Mr Marvel  +   760d ago
Please be a Champions of Norrath style hack'n'slash!
beatled  +   760d ago
Champions of Norrath and I buy a ps4 that day!!!!

baldurs gate dark alliance and Champions of Norrath are some of the best (for me) ps2 games ever

if they make a NEW Champions of Norrath

like Champions of Norrath 3

I will literally buy a ps4 that day, so will like 10 of my close gaming friends

so far there has been nothing that made me want one bad enough, my brother has one and honesty.....yea....kilzone shadowfall looks decent (not next gen imo, but like a pc game from 5 years ago) and it is fun,

but Champions of Norrath 3 and I buy a ps4 the day it midnight!
GdaTyler  +   760d ago
Spider-Man 2?
Caleb_H  +   760d ago
Okay guys, let me make a clarification here because this one seems to have flown right over this writers head. PS2 means planetside 2. Yes, it's confusing, but if we're talking SOE and PS2 then there's really only one possibility.
SegataSanshiro  +   760d ago
Resident evil outbreak servers back up:) lol I wish
jrisner  +   760d ago
Hey Smedley, Bring back Star Wars Galaxies instead o this crap
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MajorGecko  +   759d ago
Ps4Console  +   759d ago
It's gone why go back , I want new Ps4 games I like retro gaming but the ps2 is hardly Retro yet .

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