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Submitted by MasonicGamer 758d ago | opinion piece

You Guys Weren’t Joking, Dead Space 3 Is Horrible

MasonicGamer: Once upon a time ago in the mid 90′s came along a game by the name of Resident Evil. Many consider it be the game that started off survival horror but in reality it was simply the game that popularised it, let’s be honest here survival horror wasn’t really a “thing” until Resident Evil showed up on the scene.

As the years went on by Resident Evil started to become progressively less scary and more dated so series creator Shinji Mikami decided to reinvent the series with Resident Evil 4. The survival horror elements were largely toned down in favour of action but at the very least the game was DAMN GOOD at what it did.

Around the time of the impending Resident Evil 5 launch I had already decided that the game would end up being the final nail in the coffin for fans of survival horror and it truly was (Dead Space 3, PS3, Xbox 360)

MestreRothN4G  +   759d ago
Scary is hard to do right, even on movies. A steady tension is enough, on my account (as in thriller movies or the Souls series).

Dead Space 3 delivers none of this. It's a mere action title.
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pyramidshead  +   758d ago
It's great as a third person shooter, but all that made Dead Space, Dead Space, has completely been shed.

The only thing I enjoyed out of it that would have made for interesting possibilities in a 'true' Dead Space sequel would have been the gun customisation, but even then at some point you'd become too OP. I'd have also still included a tighter inventory and kept the separate ammo for different weapons because then it made you think about management. Plus you'd get that relief feeling when you finally found some ammo that you truly needed instead of adding to the pile in Dead Space 3.

Other than that it's pretty forgettable. Not to mention having the real ending on paid DLC, lol wtf.

EA should bring it back to its roots, rip CO-OP out and throw that in the "hell no" bin, create some new interesting necromorph designs and set it somewhere dark and dreary with more confined space and hardly any lighting. At this point it doesn't really matter what the stories like if it includes all this as at least it would be a half decent horror game like the first 1 one was(and maybe 2).
Bimkoblerutso  +   758d ago
I'm with you all the way there. It would be VERY nice if EA went back to roots, but seeing as it was their decision to go the more action-oriented route in the first place (because by god, it's useless if it's not pushing CoD/BF numbers, after all), I doubt that will ever be the case.

....unless they're employing a "Coke Classic" marketing scheme...seedy bastards.
jerethdagryphon  +   758d ago
problem is even if you brough t a new char in you cant reverse dead space progression and heres why.

1. fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on you.

in other words WE know necromorphs we know the style and how they act we know to pull on body's we find to dismember corpses as we run into them

these iconic actions, we're used to and they don't make us jump because were expecting it.

2. Isaac has grown as a character, in dead space he was just an engeneer using tools and such to try to survive a situation he never should have been in.
in dead space 2 hes mentally damaged and borderline insane, but knows more about the necromorphs and will fight differently,
dead space 2 uses mental horror and physical horror rather then psychological.
babys blowing up caretakers, attacks in the titan school, its unsettling because it is abnormal actions in a normal town, albeit a town in space.

3.even if they set it in a new station and a new ship and new chars with new necros, the feeling would be the same

we would still be expecting the drop downs the jumps and the rushes

Issac is now a season soldier agaisnt necromorphs he has BEATEN the markers influence mostly he is no longer going to react but act

dead space 3 uses mental horror, as its primary pschology method and uses coop to emphasize the difference mindsets. carver is beset with guilt which the marker is exploiting hes seeing things, hes going through what Issac went though in ds2 but Issac is there to guide him..

also coop didnt ruin ds3 because its completely optional as in if you choose to omit it carver doesnt show up

just my thoughts,
Conzul  +   758d ago
Yeah it was a fun shooter but not remotely scary.
In the horror formula, you have to actually care about the characters to feel scared. DS1 and DS2 did this well, but 3 completely neutered them.
JasonKCK  +   759d ago
Dead Space 3 isn't as good as the first game but it was still better than the last 2 Resident Evil games IMO.
gillri  +   758d ago
Yes I agree, I though the SP was a 7/10 a very solid action horror butnot as strong as the first 2

as a coop however is a 9/10 which is obviously how it was meant to be played
yaz288  +   758d ago
re6 was disappointing .. but if you can move past that you will get a decent game. revelation on the other hand.. (the ship, the exploration elements.. everything else was bad imo )

dead space 3.. you can tell from the first 10 minute that the game is so shit.. it felt like its trying to do everythin. ea should've gavin the game more time.
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MrSwankSinatra  +   758d ago
yeah i have to agree on revelations, every one says it's the closet thing we've gotten to a Horror Resident Evil title but even that isn't saying much. Revelations was mediocre at best. if that game had been built on a console/PC rather than a handheld i think it would have been much better.
DC777  +   758d ago
Revelations was at least more like the old RE games. Not great but pretty good IMO. It is disappointing though as the last scary RE I played was the remake of the first one on GameCube. Loved that one. Creepy and a beautiful game at the time.

Only decent survival horror game I have played since is Zombie U. That's not saying much for the whole genre.
TheGamingArt  +   758d ago
As long as your not saying it was better than resident evil 5 I agree. Res5 was in fact a GOOD game. Especially co op wise. It was NOT a horror game though. RES6 and operations were god awful.
mochachino  +   759d ago
I passed both Dead Space 1 and 2 and played 3. The series got worse and less scary with each iteration.

I couldn't even bring myself to pass Dead Space 3, it was too boring.
brich233  +   758d ago
After Chapter 9 I turned on cheat codes just to finish it as fast as possible on PC.
mochachino  +   758d ago
I should start doing that for boring games that I invested hours into waiting for them to get better.
tigertron  +   758d ago
DS3 isn't as good as the previous games, but I still had a great time playing it, particularly the co-op, though it wasn't scary I had a laugh playing it with a friend. Weapon crafting is a great concept too.

Hopefully DS4 will be more about the horror though.
WildArmed  +   758d ago
Pretty much the same with me.

I'm having a blast running through co-op and experimenting w/ the amazing crafting system.

Is the game scary? No.

Is the game fun? hell yess.

I don't see why I shouldn't enjoy a game because it doesn't fit it's genre. If this was an action game, people would have enjoyed it just fine.

But since it sells itself in the horror genre, people are not OK w/ it.

As long as people don't get bogged down by their expectations and take it for what it is, I think most people would enjoy the game.
KonsoruMasuta  +   758d ago
You don't just take it for what it is. The problem is, there were people who were expecting a horror game because that's the genre they prefer. Not every likes high octane action games.

The game decided to no longer cater to the people who like and/or prefer the horror genre. When they decided to do away with that aspect, they alienated a lot of people who bought the Dead Space games for that reason.
WildArmed  +   758d ago

Yes, but the point is: It was a bad horror game.

It wasn't a bad GAME.
tubers  +   758d ago
I enjoyed every main line dead space game. I just found the gameplay addicting.

1 > 3 > 2 for me.
starchild  +   758d ago
Yeah, me too. I loved all three of them.
yeahokchief  +   758d ago
youre bad

2 was teh best in the series over 1 and 3 is the worst. how you come up with ordering them completely wrong is beyond me.

2 took the scary elements of 1 and added a little bit of sweet action scenes plus the awesomeness of a hardcore mode with 3 saves.

have you considered some chicken tonight? chicken tonight?

Everyone of you here is getting disagrees and negative bubbles for having terrible opinions. Please die if you enjoyed this game and i mean that in the nicest way possible.
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Aleithian  +   758d ago
Oh, that's right. I still have to complete this game. *Sigh*
nutcrackr  +   758d ago
Dead Space 3 is not horrible.
yeahokchief  +   758d ago
your argument is really well supported here.

/sarcasm off
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zpoc  +   758d ago
the worst in the series? yes. horrible? no.

i do hope the franchise isn't dead and they do a another horror-focused game for next gen systems. if only EA had just reigned in their expectations of the IP, spent less money on trying to force it to be a blockbuster, and just let it flourish as a "niche" title (that could still move 2-3 mil units), and let it grow naturally.
SpideySpeakz  +   758d ago
I found DS2 too be the pretty disturbing as far as horror.
DS3 was EA's attempt at drawing in the casual crowd, and the casuals hate horror games. They should stick to the formula of the first 2.
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MasterCornholio  +   758d ago
I'll wait for the PS+ version.
mydyingparadiselost  +   758d ago
Pretty sure that version turns your console into a Marker...
You're better off saving that hard drive space for something worth it, like the first two games or Extraction.
pyramidshead  +   758d ago
"turrrn itt offfffff"
Subby  +   758d ago
Stopped playing when human enemies and the cover system came up. Never bothered to finish it..
Urbz7870  +   758d ago
I stopped playing after chapter 6 or 9 cause the game was just dull. There was nothing enjoyable about it like the first 2 Dead Space were.
starchild  +   758d ago
Give me a freaking break, they aren't that different. The third has a little more action, but there is still a ton of horror elements. Anyone that says otherwise is full of crap and didn't really play the game. I'm sick of all these trendy little hate bandwagons that sweep through gaming.
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STICKzophrenic  +   758d ago
I was originally completely anti-Dead Space 3 because of fighting humans, taking cover and the ability to roll. Honestly though, with the story, fighting humans makes complete sense. Taking cover and rolling aren't a necessity and aren't used very often at all.

Isaac's progression from mute to chatter box felt natural as well. You can't keep him mute for three games, that REALLY wouldn't make sense.

Crafting is a ton of fun. I made a couple BEASTLY weapons that are so much fun to blast through necromorphs.

The love triangle makes sense for the story as well. Obviously Isaac wasn't over Ellie, and going on a mission with her would obviously bring back his feelings for her. Speaking of Ellie, who cares if they make her dress sexy?

It's hard for me to rate the three Dead Space in order, but all of them are awesome. I'm hoping that EA and Visceral aren't done with the franchise. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Dead Space game at release.
gantarat  +   758d ago
co-op this game very good

my friend : dude look that woman !
me : Where ? i don't see anything ?
IIC0mPLeXII  +   758d ago
This game was Gears of Dead Space, simple as that.

Cover system, fighting human opponents, and of course the new in thing; crafting.
snookiegamer  +   758d ago
Okay, it's not the kind of game I was expecting after the chills, thrills & spills of DS1&2.

But as a straight up action game Dead Space 3 is actually a cool game. It's not scary at all, so think space action/adventure with plenty of red paint and you'll enjoy it.

The game plays well & the graphics look awesome for last gen :)
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demonicale666  +   758d ago
Not interested in what others say. I played it and loved it. Yes it's not as good as the other two. But it was still great fun and can't wait for a ps4 dead space game.
CYBERHATER  +   758d ago
This one hurt my feelings after the last two master pieces. And that outer space scene was so awesome and yet that is the only thing I remember about the whole game. There should be a law about rushing games for money.
etownone  +   758d ago
Dead Space 3 was good....

Sure it wasn't amazing like the first one... But still good.
ZeoN  +   758d ago
Too much action with little to no suspense. Yeah, it was pretty bad. 2 was okay, but 1 was amazing.
Npugz7  +   758d ago
It wasn't bad!
HappyWithOneBubble  +   758d ago
Anything with EA on it will start to be terrible. Watch EA screw up Titanfall. There's a reason why they are called the worst company.
arbitor365  +   758d ago
dead space 3 is a prime example of EA ruining a franchise
ShaunCameron  +   758d ago
Dead Space 3 = EA's Resident Evil 6.
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pyramidshead  +   758d ago
Dead Space 3 died when they introduced the cover system, human enemies, and co-op. They tried their best to assure us the horror was still there in the hype up until launch but I guess it wasn't enough.
TheGameTagerZ  +   758d ago
I skipped this one. Did they pull a F.E.A.R. 3 on this one?
pyramidshead  +   758d ago
lol pretty much yes. That's the most precise comparison anyone can ever make about Dead Space 3. Nice work hah.
(OT for your comment: Another good horror franchise ruined :c)
TheGameTagerZ  +   758d ago
Ahh I see...damn.
NYC_Gamer  +   758d ago
I'm happy indie studios are doing proper horror games since mainstream publishers ruin classics
timmyp53  +   758d ago
felt more like lost planet then anything.

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