Race Drive: Grid demo hits Xbox Live Marketplace, PC demo delayed

Codemasters announced today that its released a playable demo for the Xbox 360 version of Race Drive: Grid onto the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The demo will contain 3 events which consists of The eBay Motors Muscle Cup which allows you to take the wheel of a Ford Mustang GT-R, whilst the advanced International Trophy lets you drive a Nissan S15 Silvia, and lastly the Euro Turing Car Series gives you a BMW 320si touring car.

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sak5003872d ago

Great news. d-d-d-d-ddd downloading now.

3872d ago
green3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

pls give us an update on how it it.

Off topic: I got the dreaded RROD last week sunday the 27th of april on my launch model 360.I then called Microsoft service support which was no problem to get through and my console was registered in 5 mins.Me and the customer support guy started talking about games especially Lost Odyssey sice that was what i was playing.Overall A+.

I packaged it in a brown box and UPS picked it up monday 5pm (next day).I was not that pissed because i had stuff to do that i was behind on and my copy of GTA4 wasnt arriving till the 10th.

This morning at 9am, UPS calls me to tell me that my 360 is ready and they would be at my flat in 5mins.I was in shock.I taught that maybe it was not fixed or it was not even sent to microsoft for some reason since people on N4G posting all those RROD stories lead me to believe that it takes 5 weeks to 2months.

I greet the UPS driver and asked him why it took such a short time his answer was "there are few 360's that have that problems and that 90% of them are the launch models".He said that it used to take 5 weeks around christmas 07 but from what UPS have noticed is that RROD should be a thing of the past by the end of the year.So because of that the max it takes is 12 days and yours is back".

I return to my room, plug my console back to the mains,turn it on and my console that used to sound like a boeing 747 now sounds like a lexus (so so quiet).I said no way and then inserted a game (noticing that my disc tray was completely new) and still no noise.Looked at the back and it was still my old one with the same serial number but peaking inside from the vents, it was all shiny and new.

Oh did i also forget to mention that they also gave me prepaid card with free 3 months Xbox live Gold membership.

If you have a launch 360 pray it RROD's because the enhancements are soo worth it.

So problems are no longer 33%,no longer even 16%,they are way better and are still improving.Microsoft have trully impressed me.I have not met such goos customer support before.

I will be back on live tomorrow so add me to your friends list (GREENAVUS) for some Halo3,GOW,PGR4,Forza 2 and from the 10th GTA4.

snakeater33871d ago

great news , but did anyone really ask you ? great story if it makes you feel better...anyways, my ps3 did die on me too...i took it to the retail store and got one for free instantly, no questions asked. now THATS what i call a good quality product and a great customer after sales service.

green3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

This is a 360 related article so my post was ment for people who own a 360.Anyway it is a story of good things coming out of a bad situation.But i can see that you don't like anything positive relating to the 360.

There are some new videos waiting approval concerning killzone and resistance fall of man 2 .Why don't you be a good boy,run along and go watch them ,instead of being such a predictable troll.

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bababrooks3871d ago

green, post 1.2 ........... thanks for that post buddy, i enjoyed the read!. i think grid looks and plays great, well done codemasters!

Glad to be a gamer3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Can't trust the internet to give you sound advice as you have Sony fanboys making up horror stories of going though 6 360's and waitng months for repair. Same with the GTA4 freezing i think. I dont know anyone that has had that problem on the 360 and they have released a patch specifically for the PS3 version. Says it all.

I've had my console for 1 1/2 with no problems then i traded it in to get one with hdmi, the quiter disc drive and cooler running cpu. The differnece in the sound is massive imo. got a pack inc forza2,viva pinata and an extra controller for free with dmc4 thrown in as well with the deal.

CANT WAIT TO PLAY THIS DEMO LOOKS LIKE IT COULD BE A WINNER. i'll report back what i thouhgt of it later this evening when i get home.


Glad to be a gamer3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Lol at SNAKE EATER.....How low can you go......LAME BUDDY take it to the killzone 2 videos thread. Looks great by the way as it shoud do after 60mill and 4 1/2 years of dev.

Only "9 months" to go till you have a game that vindicates your choice of console. In that time i'll be playing though mass effect,Bioshock, eternal sonata,Lost odyessy, pgr4,Forza2, viva pinata, vf5:online, Halo 3 mp, test drive unlimited,gears mp not to mention mp like GTA4.

Nija gaiden 2 in june followed by fable 2 then a bit of gears2,banjo and kazzoie, splinter cell conviction, too human and a bit of Alan wake rounde off with grid.

Hope you enjoyed your third play though of unchartered and i hope for all you fan boys sake that Mgs4 brings some thing new and exciting to the table while sticking to the winning formula and Kojima has not just filled a 50gb br with cut scenes and repeated textures to get the game to run at a satisfactory frame rate.

You guys at least deserve this to be an AAA game after the waiting,delays and poor Psn performance for Gta4/GT5p.

I actually feel sorry for Sony fanboys even though they do act like arrogant kiddies. They don't know any better the poor little misinformed,strung along tikes.

Mgs4 in june Snake eater whoop! Whoop!....

sonarus3871d ago

lol if i said what glad to be a gamer said, i would be called a fanboy with a hidden agenda.

@green, your comment was off topic but everyone has gone off topic before plus your info useful so no big deal. Sorry though, i won't be taking your word or the word of a UPS sales man just yet on just how much those RROD's have gone down.

As for grid, how is the game in your eyes. I have a feeling the game will dissapoint and will end up being a B game and not an A game despite all the 60 mill and 41/2 yrs of dev time

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Zhuk3872d ago

Great news! I think this may end up being racer of the year, so download it!

WIIIS13872d ago

Nah I don't think ANYTHING will beat Forza 2 if you have a real passion for cars. Realistic driving physics, great variety of cars, aggresive AI, consequences for bad driving, tuning, mods, amazing decal design options (absolutely addicted to this!), great online community - it is still the best and I simply can't enjoy other racers as hard as I try.

WIIIS13872d ago

So I just realized you said best racer of the year, so yes you are probably right.


its a great racer, played a demo of it last week.... wait till you try the replay function.. can't wait for this game.

3871d ago
BeaArthur3871d ago

I have a lot of demos to download when I get home next week.

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