Wii Fit Pre-orders Selling Out

The Wii may be experiencing another kind of hardware shortage. Wii Fit's launch day is a little over a week away (May 19, 2008), and it's getting tougher to find online for pre-ordering. See where it's temporarily sold out and where you may still be able to find a pre-order.

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PS360WII3872d ago

The Gamestop here said they stopped taking pre-orders too... will it be 3 for 3 on massive launches?

Marceles3872d ago

Preordered mine on the first day it was available...I knew it would get like this, I might not even open it too. (looks at ebay)

shine13963872d ago

yeh..looks as if america: wii fit...out of world sales launch...

MACHone3872d ago

At Game Crazy that is. This is gonna be one of those things where no one wants one until you can't find them anywhere. Congrats, Nintendo, you've done it again!

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