Bill targets teen gamers

With "Grand Theft Auto IV" in the headlines, a bipartisan pair of House members has introduced a bill that would require videogame retailers to check identification in order to prevent minors from buying games intended for adults.

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Diselage3873d ago

I know a lot of people don't like the sound of regulating the gaming industry because it means higher cost and slow down of releases. I support kids not being able to buy M rated games though. There are plenty of places that card because of movies and music. I don't see why the same can't be for games. Hopefully it could at least cut back on the amount of 8 year olds playing consoles.

JadeTyrant3872d ago

passing a bill isn't going to change anything...this country is full of retard jackasses who don't care about anything anymore...people run around and do what they please and nobody cares...i wanna kill people...I'll just become a cop so i can get away with it


Delt43872d ago

Yo bruce sounds like you need a vacation. :)
Maybe Europe.

Delt43872d ago

They already check identification, when anyone buys games in my town. I don't care but my brother is 17 and hates it.

OldGamer3872d ago

Just pass the damn law and be done with this stupid debate already.

I've been hearing this for years and I'm tired of it.

JoelR3872d ago

bout time... bring it in line with every other industry that has age rated material.

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