Reeves explains why Europe has to wait

SCEE boss David Reeves has said there is not enough incentive for developers to work on multiple language translations during development - explaining that's why Europeans get games after the US.

Reeves told Eurogamer he would "love to go day and date with some titles" in the two continents, but said that was only really feasible in the UK. And he thinks you might call him bias if he did that.

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paul_war3871d ago

How much translation is required for the DS3??

Cwalat3871d ago

it's not just games that are delayed in EU also accesories...

the camera was delayed for months, the DS3 is nowhere to be seen..
omfg, if language translation is so hard why not just stick with "subtitles" ???

and add the audio as an update for the game...

Britjadg3870d ago

rotf was gonna say exactly same thing.

Mu5afir3870d ago

Box + Instructions etc.. I would say a lot.

PirateThom3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )


Many people in Europe either speak English, why not offer them the English version day and daye with the US version and then when a translation is ready, offer it at a later date?

What's the excuse for the lack of PS1 titles?

Blackcanary3871d ago

What so has Language got to do with why the ds3 and the 80GB haven't come out in Europe.

I'm starting to hate David Revees more ever time he speaks and Hate is a very strong word.

Lucreto3870d ago

Its no excuse really. They released Harry Potter books in english first and over the next few months they released them in French, German and other European languages.

LaChance3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

because Sony realised no matter how much they get treated like a b*tch they'll just run back to Sony anyway.

Just look at the PS3 sales in EU ans you'll understand it all.

I dont think Americans or Japanese would accept to be treated like europeens when it comes to Sony ( and other gaming companies in general )

juuken3870d ago

You are pretty ignorant, just like every xbaby on the site. The reason why they're taking a while is because they have to translate instructional booklets and other things that are shipped with the product. Stop using every Sony update as an excuse to bash the console.

It's pathetic.

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The story is too old to be commented.