Ten Video Game Settings We'd Love to Live In

GameDynamo - "There are plenty of video game settings that would probably be horrendous to live in. Maybe everything – even the furniture – is trying to kill you around every turn. Perhaps the setting is that of a grimdark postapocalyptic future where hope is the sort of quaint concept that only exists in fairy tales, or there’s some dystopian empire ruling over the world with an iron fist. Whatever the case, these games provide a textbook example of the term 'crapsack world'."

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1472d ago
Mikefizzled1472d ago

The lack of technology would make me sacrifice myself to the giants.

swice1471d ago

But there's freaking dragons and magic, with cat people, lizard people and dwarven technogy. Who the hell needs cell phones?!


MartinB1051472d ago

Impressive. A "Ten Things" article that has everything on a single page! No multiple clicks!

il-JumperMT1471d ago

That Senran Rythme Cooking Game.

Huge boobs everywhere!