GD08: 720P Killzone 2 Gameplay

Here is Gamersyde's first full reencode of their Killzone 2 footage with the best quality possible. As it is full 720p resolution and better deinterlacing/deblending, this should help quite a bit in seeing all the little details everywhere. Enjoy!

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Fishy Fingers3870d ago

Sony need to supply us with some HD direct feed footage asap. Or at least stick some footage up on todays PSN update.

Rybnik3870d ago

Yep, totally agree.
Actually, what I really want, is for Sony to release the full intro with some of the ensuing gameplay...Cause the insanity of the action in the intro hands down flat out creams what was shown in E305! It is a shame that the only footage is currently from the low quality Jeux-france vid.

Lifendz3870d ago

I've already come to the conclusion that the reviewers are going to kill the game if it's off by a 1/100 of what the CGI was. I'm wondering if you think this game will do well. It's a day one purchase for me but I'm not sure if that's true for all of you. Thoughts?

Fishy Fingers3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Frankly I don't give a s**t how this or any other game a sells. As long as my buddies and I have it I don't care.

As an FPS fan this game is my most wanted. Day one without fail.

Lifendz3870d ago

I was just throwing a question out there for those that did care.

PSN: Lifendz

IIamback3870d ago

Fishy Fingers @

You are not very bright are you? Bad sales > Sony looses money > no sequel > IP dies. Sales ARE important! Because of bad sales we will never see sequel of master piece games like Shenmue and Okami.

Fishy Fingers3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Not very bright? My 2 degrees would disagree with you there.

I don't care about Sony, I dont care about Killzone 3, all I care about is this game, the game I've waited 5 years for, I just want to play it with my friends, simple as that.

Profit, sales figures, corporate standing, none of those interest gamers, well REAL gamers. They are just the toys of corporate fanboys who draw more success from a companies achievements than their own.

1 million or 10 million, sales dont improve graphics, game play doesnt improve on a sales based ratio, let Sony worry about that, stick to playing games.

And please in future dont be offensive towards people. My opinion my differ from yours but that doesnt mean im "not very bright". You've already created a new account because you lost all your bubbles, I thought you may have learnt a little from that experience but obviously not.

IIamback3870d ago

Dude i am not going to read you entire comment since i can see that is bunch of non sense. it doesn't matter if you have 2 degrees that doesn't mean you are correct every time you open you mouth, especially not in this case when you are writing bunch of crap that makes you look like clueless 15 year old.
Once again sales are important! Is it Sony or any other publisher it doesnt matter. Also i used Shenmue and Okami as an example, not published by Sony, but it seems you dont know that?
If game does not sell well no matter how good reviews are or how good game is in fans eyes, you are not going to see sequel if sales are bad and publisher looses ton of money, and this is where GAMERS LOSE. I WANT another Shenmue, but Sega is not going to invest one single dollar is IP that made them lose 30-50 million dollars. Even if that game has its hard core fan base, it is not enough to justify production and development of another sequel, so IP dies, Sega moves on, WE GAMERS LOSE.
And Mr. 2 degree stop making fool of your self, because thats what you are doing here, you "opinion" is stupid and cant prove LOGIC wrong no matter how hard you try. I wont replay any more, this i wrote so other members can read.

fenderputty3870d ago

They could always market their engine for the PS3 like EPIC does. Even if sales aren't stellar, surely their engine is worth some dough.

gaffyh3870d ago

Ok come on seriously Fish, the sales do matter if the game gets no sales there will be no sequel and Guerilla may quit developing for PS3. But on the other hand sales aren't everything, and I too agree that as long as I have this game it doesn't matter if a million others buy it because this game looks fantastic from this footage.

I wasn't too hyped for this game, but now I am (still much more hyped for Resistance 2 though :))

Kain813870d ago

already in Work by Sega confirmed by Sega 1 1/2 years ago.
And there are Rumors about a PS3-version, cause BLU-RAY and so on...

Montrealien3869d ago

I rofl @ Education being flaunted.

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P4KY B3870d ago

Its almost black and white.

Looks good though.

CViper3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

The game has a different art direction much like COD4/Metal Gear or any creative vision that someone decides the color palette.

@ Fishy

People can't talk about how the graphics aren't going to be like the CGI trailer anymore.. so they have moved onto something else to try to impugn the game.

Until its released we are going to get nothing but detractors trying to make it seem that colors and ai will stop them from wanting to play this damn amazing chunk of technology.

Im not talking about P4. I'm just saying what goes on once the Color Theory Nazis show up.

Entire game is NOT grey.

Fishy Fingers3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Thats the art style, they use a lot of muted tones to accentuate the colours, such as the explosions or the glowing of the enemies eyes. Its intentional, and used correctly adds a lot of substance.

Also, the setting is mostly constructed from stone/concrete, remind me, what colours are they? If they were fighting in a Jungle I'd see your point, but they're not.

[email protected] CViper, I dont believe P4KY B is needlessly bashing the game, just stating his opinion, which is as valid as yours or mine. The game does look pretty grey, theres no denying that, but thats the art style they went for, and personally, I really like it.

Lifendz3870d ago

Cuz there's no way you could honestly type that if you had. That game is the most gorgeous game I've ever seen. The lighting was amazing, the aa was just as well. It destroyed anything on 360. Unreal engine what?

hades073870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Not going to lie, I am a biased 360 owner but this game definitely has my attention. I wasn't too interested in Killzone2 because Killzone 1's gameplay was too generic for me but after watching this video I am definitely getting this game whenever I get around to picking up a PS3.

alexM3870d ago

You are comparing ultrarealistic KZ2 with cartoon GEARS2

LOL pathetic

KZ2 is the best looking game EVER and it is compared to GEARS 2/1 which doesnt even stack up against UNCHARTED graphically

RSX3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

i respect you now because of that comment.

hades073870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Thanks. It's true, all the controversy surrounding the game and with only two previous games produced by Guerrilla Games I wasn't sure what to expect but I want this game, even more than Resistance 2.

Reason why I haven't picked up a PS3 yet is all my friends have 360's so we all play online on that system and the exclusive single-player games for the PS3 that I want such as FF13 and God of War 3 aren't coming out yet. MGS4 is not a system seller for me personally. Loved MGS1, but since then haven't really cared for the series.

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zimbo0073870d ago

ever created

It kills Crysis in terms of VISUAL FIDELITY

Jok3r3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

It looks "good" but not that "OMZFG" as most of the Sony-Fanboys want to belive! As I stated before, CoD4 with ultrasmooth 60fps has "destroyed" my hype for Killzone2! My PS3 wants LPB a hundred times more than this !

But I must say that the explosions looks really great!

CViper3870d ago

I'd love to see what qualifies in your eyes as a graphical marvel if Killzone2 gameplay isn't doing it for you.

she00win993870d ago

obviously, you didnt saw the intro of this video, it was shown at the other but site but in low quality but still, it looks jaw dropping, i've never saw anything like that before in a videogame in real time..

alexM3870d ago

even CRYSIS was pwned by KZ2 in terms of graphics

No game for a FEW YEARS might challenge the GRAPHICAL FIDELITY of KZ2

Lich1203869d ago

I like people who argue the PS3 is more powerful than PC's. Since it makes a lot of sense for a 400 dollar console to be more powerful then the most expensive hardware out. Im not saying its cost effective to be a PC gamer, but not surprisingly thats where you will find the best graphics.

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