Infamous: Second Son CES 2014 Gameplay Video

During their coverage of the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, Skewed and Reviewed was able to shoot some gameplay footage from the pending Infamous: Second Son. The video uploaded askew but gives you an idea of what the gameplay is like.


As Promised, a new HD and extended video has been added to the page.

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user74029311748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

wow hard to see with that damn angle.

GarrusVakarian1748d ago (Edited 1748d ago )

Im such a fiend, i promised myself i wouldn't watch anymore footage of this game out of fear of taking away some of the surprise when i play it myself (something i did a lot last gen) but i just can't help myself. Even this crappy off-screen vid is too much to resist.

Hurry up March!

user74029311748d ago

i hear ya, this is watchable, you wont miss alot lol.

Garethvk1748d ago

be lucky you had this, there was a debate over if I could record or not, how long, what angles, what camera I could use and such.

DigitalRaptor1748d ago

This is Sucker Punch, the will to watch is almost as tempting as anything by Naughty Dog or Kojima.

Patrick_pk441748d ago

Gameplay isn't going to spoil anything or take away from the surprise. It is basically Infamous 2 refined. I myself can't wait for it.

BadlyPackedKeebab1747d ago

Yeah this is something I started doing about 5 years ago. When there is a game you just know is a dead cert I read as little as possible about it so its fresh when I play it. There have been so many games where you just play through them and 50% of it you have seen already.

FamilyGuy1747d ago

The IGN offscreen video was way clearer. The neon power of running in thin air was awesome to watch. The game looks extremely fun to play an it's pretty.

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mafiahajeri1748d ago

Your comment and avatar go together perfectly...

1748d ago
TBONEJF1747d ago

Who ever video tape this have a crappy camera from early 2000. its not even 480p or HD

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CrossingEden1748d ago

Hnnnngggg, dat quality. Dash move seems alittle OP if you can just spam it over and over.

SmokingMonkey1748d ago

No power can be Spammed in InFamous, you will run out of juice/smoke

FlameHawk1748d ago

How did this get approved? Seriously....

Hicken1748d ago

Because it's new gameplay footage?

HappyWithOneBubble1748d ago

It's not really new. It's the same stage been seen many times already. I think what FlameHawk mean is why approve this when the video is bad quality and I agree with him.

b777conehead1748d ago

It's a bad angle should not have been approved

FlameHawk1748d ago

Well I don't like it because its in 240p lol but yeah that angle too.

DeadlyFire1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )


BelkingOfSony1747d ago

the video looks like it's been recorded with a potato, add the youtube compression and 30fps and the angle and the video looks terrible and should have never been approved with 420 degrees.

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