EA Announces E3 Press Con

Next-Gen.Biz writes: "Electronic Arts has announced the "what, when and where" of its E3 Media & Business Summit press conference.

We don't know yet the specifics of EA's E3 press conference, but the publisher said Wednesday it will be held Monday, July 14 at 3 p.m. PT at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles.

The publisher has several games that have been announced that are still slim on details, such as Tiberium, Dead Space and Mirror's Edge, so if we're lucky we'll find out more about those new titles, as well as some unannounced product."

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PS360WII3871d ago

The more I think about it Mirrors Edge could be pretty cool. I'm not sold yet but that could change

BeaArthur3871d ago

I agree, I am a bit skeptical though because EA tends to jack up so many games. I am interested in both Dead Space and Mirror's Edge though, so we will have to wait and see.

PS360WII3871d ago

Oh I'm already sold on Dead Space ;) I think horror shooters are pretty fun ^^

BeaArthur3871d ago

I agree, they are a lot of fun when done correctly. EA is really hit or miss with anything outside of football and racing games though.

The Dark Knight3871d ago

The dark knight game!!!!!! ANNOUCE IT MO FOS!!! since the movie comes out july 17 :)

Cyrus3653871d ago

Interesting usually at E3, it's just the big 3 companies that have press conf...but EA being as huge as they are, you can see this happening.

I wonder what would happen if they announced they were releasing a console...After buying out Rockstar...imagine all Sports (But baseball) being exclusive on EA gaming system, along with Grand Theft auto, Mass Effect, etc. I doubt they'll make a gaming system though, there making enough money being an game supplier to all platforms.