Moore "disappointed" by Home delay - Peter Moore takes a swipe at Sony for their delay of Home

Old habits die hard in gaming it seems, as former Xbox boss Peter Moore couldn't resist taking a swipe at one old sparring partner this week, expressing dismay at the ongoing delay of Sony's Home service for PlayStation 3.

The EA Sports president's comments came less than 24 hours after PlayStation boss Kaz Hirai apologised again for the latest delay to Sony's ambitious online social networking project, with a release now set for this autumn.

Asked by Eurogamer whether, now no longer a direct rival, he was interested in working with Home, Moore said: "Yeah; I just wish it would ship. I [previously] questioned it a little bit, whether I'd want to wander around there. Phil Harrison showed me a demo - it's very cool, but let's go already. And so I'm disappointed that it's been pushed back a little bit again.

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THC CELL3872d ago

why the f is he bothered ?

he is a bill boy

ravinshield3872d ago

every ps3 girl is disappointed after what their daddy Fony did to them.hahahahahahahahahaah

clintos593872d ago

I think alot of us are a little dissappointed with that and killzone 2 but hey as they say, id rather have a project delayed and done right then be rushed out and be dissappointing.

sonarus3872d ago

Home delay 10X more dissapointing than KZ2. KZ2 delay to me is perfect. Lots of games coming out around the same time, best to space things out. From sept to dec sony has to squeeze socom, motorstorm, LBP and resistance 2. Those are just the ones with locked release dates as well. Other games will also be coming in from Sony JP. 2008 was just too crowded for KZ2.

I really wish home will come out already though. Just hope developers grasp it and run with it properly

mikeslemonade3872d ago

This is coming from a man that ditched 3 unsuccessful systems that were not able to be #1 sellers and now he can't even lead EA the way to a true next-gen Madden. Peter Moore should work on his agenda before he trashes someone elses.

Hatchetforce3872d ago

How is Moore taking a swipe at Sony? Yes he is disappointed but if anything he is complementary of Home. People are reading a lot into a whole lot of nothing.

madness3872d ago

You know EA sports wants to integrate special features for HOME into their games!!!

/ end sarcasm

yanikins1113872d ago

And ive been dissapointed with everything EA has published (except burnout paradise, tho i didnt buy it) in the last oh....3 years?

"How dare they try and make a quality peice of software! Dont they know how to create CRAP that people will buy year after year?"

ruibing3872d ago

Yeah I would think EA Sports of all EA divisions would want to be on the PS3 fanbase's good side.

prunchess3872d ago

He is now running EA and we all know how bad EA have gotten over the last few years. How many of their games are released full of bugs and glitches becuaes of the rush to release them? He is hardly the man to hire to sort these out now, is he?

I wonder if Peters appointment at EA was a good idea? This man was involved with MS and the 360 when it was lauched. How much input did he have in rushing that console out? Look at the hardware failier rate when he was at the helm.

ceee2273872d ago

"am I going to buy Madden or FIFA this year...?"

that says it all.

yanikins1113872d ago

Although with home being free im probably not going to play play that. My purchases going off what i know is being released in the future are Haze, MGS4, R2, KZ2, maybe lbp. GT5 ff13, wipeout hd and motorstorm2. maybe dark sector if i get time.

What do we have coming to fill the gap between mgs4 and r2? it looks like a blank spot on the calender.

Keowrath3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

Completely agree with Yanikins. The only EA game I own is Burnout and that's cos someone bought it for me as a present. I couldn't give a crap about Fifa and I'd rather watch paint dry than play an american foot(?)ball game.

I'd rather wait for a decent game than the same old sh!t that EA drags out year on year but hey, I'm sorry if I have standards. Now if someone who can actually make decent games were to say then perhaps it would be worth listening to. This smarmy prick from One of the worst developers ever, isn't worth the time of day.

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Fishy Fingers3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

Shame he doesn't adopt their work ethics rather than bash them. Delays are done for the player/users benefit, how many EA titles could of done with a delay? A lot.

Sony would rather wait and release it right, than cash in now and release patch after patch to get it up to scratch.

EA the joke of the industry, maybe they should look at themselves before pointing fingers.

prunchess3872d ago

That post says it all. Bubbles for ya.