Fable Legends delivers the "dark fairytale" Albion fans have asked for, says Lionhead

Fable Legends is a departure for the franchise in some respects, a "return to roots" in others. On the one hand: mandatory four player co-op with either humans or AI! Player-controlled villains! And on the other, a world that's much closer in feel to that of the original Fable

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AngelicIceDiamond1804d ago

"We get a lot of fan feedback about the direction Albion has taken over the course of its development, and one of the things we hear a lot is people's preference for magic over the more industrial direction of Fable 3. This is a view shared by many here at Lionhead, and you'll be pleased to hear we've taken this on board for Fable Legends."

Glad to see these guys go back to what made the first Fable great.

Sounds good so far, I want to see some gameplay soon.

Neoninja1804d ago

Totally agree!
I enjoy the Fable series as a whole, but Fable 1 is the best out of the bunch in my opinion.
Happy that they're going back to that type of direction.
Now if only they bring back the scarring and aging.
Chances are those two things won't be in legends, but perhaps they'll be in Fable 4.

Now bring on some gameplay Lionhead!

Regis1804d ago

You getting Fable anniversary for xbox360?

Neoninja1804d ago


Even though I own the original fable, I will indeed be getting the anniversary edition.
I missed out on Lost Chapters so some of the stuff in the anniversary edition will be totally new to me.

1803d ago
maniacmayhem1804d ago

It seems getting rid of Peter Molyneux was the best thing for this franchise.

Neoninja1804d ago

As much as I like Pete I think he was burnt out and like many already know, he had a big mouth and it got him into trouble.
It was time for him to go and move on.

CrossingEden1804d ago

No more hyperbole from Peter's lies.

Lilrizky1804d ago

I don't get why Peter is so renowned... I think he's overrated. I loved Fable 2 (missed 1 unfortunately) but am excited to see a fresh new direction on the series with Legends

Ravenor1804d ago


Populous, Dungeon Keeper, I think he was a producer on Syndicate, Black & White, Fable, The Movies.

Yep, he's totally overrated. /s

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lifeisgamesok1804d ago

This is music to my ears. I hope they continue with the morality system and offer a lot of powers

Edward751804d ago

This game is on my top games to watch for this year. Hoping it has alot of loot whoring to keep going back for more!

CELLA1804d ago

i might get this game but i like to see more game video first

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