Planet Xbox 360: Viking: Battle for Asgard Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "Ever since the release of Sony's God of War, many titles have tried to emulate its success with gory decapitations, action-time button sequences, over the top violence, and of course, a likeable hero. While a few have tried, such as 2008's Conan, none of them have put together a competent game in comparison to God of War. With Sega's release of Viking: Battle of Asgard, Sega achieved a similar styled game with an aggressive approach to the action while also opting to focus on gigantic battles against hordes of enemies.
The storyline, in its entirety, is shallow but it works. It works because gamers who'll be picking up Viking to play won't be looking for a sweeping epic that grabs a hold of their emotions till the bitter end. What Viking delivers is a straight-forward storyline of a hero that must do a god's biding to rid the world of an undead army called Legion that are lead by a demonic deity named Hel. Yup…your typical vanquish evil storyline, but like I said, it works."

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