Killzone 2 PlayStation 3 Gameplay - Kill the Helghast (Off-Screen)

Another amazing video from Killzone 2.

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MisfitSmurf3873d ago

love how he dies at the end >.>

alexM3873d ago

It is the best graphical masterpiece we have seen till date

sonarus3873d ago

Yea we didn't hear you the last 100 times. Save some of that ps3 cheerleading for MGS4 though. I'm going to be joining you personally on that one. MGS4 FTW:D

games4fun3873d ago

i know lets start talking about games coming within the next two months instead of far away i cant wait to play some mgs4. The sad part is i'll be working a lot so i wont be able to play :(

BilI Gates3873d ago

Aw poor dude got raped lol.

pwnmaster30003873d ago

why r u so beautiful killzone omg. this game has to be one of the choices in the game of the year and best graphic of the year.
im proud to be a ps3 owners, since 3 month after i bought. i will admit i was disapointed that time the first 3 month of having it, but now its my favorite out of all of the consoles that i have, counting wii and 360

Xheratuul3873d ago

let the PS3 destroy the now

Condoleezza Rice3873d ago

All that talk of dumb A.I was due to playing the game in God mode,now look;EVERYONE who hasn't played it in God Mode has died at least once.

The graphics are unmatched on consoles,and the A.I looks to be stellar;This game is coming along nicely indeed.

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The story is too old to be commented.