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A lack of competition is bad for sports games

2K’s cancellation of its MLB series leaves The Show with no rival, which isn’t a good thing, as history shows. (FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, MLB 14: The Show, MLB 2K13, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Stringerbell  +   603d ago
Imo Fifa was superior to PES from 08-10. But PES has really upped the ante since then. Lets be honest though Fifa sells loads more becasue EA has all those licensees snatched up and Konmai cant touch them. Try selling your football game in Germany when you aren't allowed the rights to the Bundesliga. Or in England when you cant call it Liverpool but rather Merseyside Red and the team dons a fake kit?

On the flip side in countries where PES has rights to said league ie Brasil, Japan, Argentina, Chile - sales are much closer or PES outsells Fifa. While the PES community creates option files that can rectify missing kits and teams I dont blame people for choosing Fifa if they want those licenses in box. However to look at the two games and say well one is a masterpiece and the other is just meh ignoring the advances its made is completely false. That seems to be the narrative when comparing the two games.
PeaSFor  +   603d ago
"The Show with no rival, which isn’t a good thing"

well, it's not like The Show was already raping all the other baseball games anyway.....
JetsFool3500  +   603d ago
Exactly the show is probably the only sports game that doesnt need competition because its been smashing 2k since '09 There's a reason its the best rated sports franchise
Hyper_Tension140  +   603d ago
What about NBA Live that had a rival and it just got worse and worse every time. Maybe some games dont need competition, they could just challenge themselfs to make it better than last years.
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JetsFool3500  +   603d ago
@hyper its harder for basketball because its so many things going on at once baseball is essentially pitch hit catch throw its not that hard to perfect that
NYC_Gamer  +   603d ago
I'm missing out on NFL games due to EA having the exclusive license
Brasi1989  +   603d ago
I agree. Madden has been horrible since the NFL exclusivity license came out. (Not that it was great before) I miss the 2K NFL games.
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wsoutlaw87  +   603d ago
I agree. I dont think the problem here is competition. Mlb 2k backed out because the show was that good. If the show starts to suck, someone will swoop in and try to take over. The potential for competition is still there. With madden they paid to get rid of competion which is different. Madden was the worse game. This has to suck for baseball fans on xbox though.
kalkano  +   603d ago
I haven't bought a Madden game since '12. It just doesn't work for me. I really feel that the exclusive deal is hurting the NFL, more than they realize.

I really hope the same doesn't happen to The Show. I'm hoping that the fact that they're 1st party will help, since this game sells consoles.
Robdeagle  +   603d ago
I haven't bought Madden since NFL 2K was $20 on original Xbox. Updated rosters and a few new tackles animations isn't enough for me. It's been the same game since then because NFL 2K was such a threat EA had to block anyone from using the NFLs licenses.

I want NFL 2K back.

EA is very good at making the same game over and over. Now maybe they will realize it with MLB and NBA Live because I bet they won't make another Live next year either just like last year.

Will EA win the award for worst company again 3 years in a row? Only time will tell.
maniacmayhem  +   603d ago
We all saw this with Madden! Still a good game but absolutely no real reason to buy it every year with the exception of an updated roster and stats.

Which could be done via a patch if EA wanted to!!!
SpiralTear  +   603d ago
MLB: The Show is routinely good quality, but with no competition, the developers can slack off. It happened with Madden; once it was the only American football game available, the developers had no one to one-up. Competition drives improvement, as companies are always trying to be better than each other, with consumers reaping the benefits.

Fans had to settle with Madden; there was no other option. Hopefully, The Show doesn't go down that road, but if it does, I wouldn't be surprised.
kalkano  +   603d ago
"Fans had to settle with Madden"

You're forgetting the option, "Don't buy ANY football game. Just keep playing an old one, which is better than the new ones."
JohnnyTower  +   603d ago
If EA f*cks up UFC Undisputed I will firebomb the headquarters. Luckily THQ isn't hard to top.
Dlacy13g  +   603d ago
No competition is never good. I hope someone else comes forward with an MLB game to just for no other reason continue to help push MLB the show.

Its why I was glad to see PES coming back ...

And why I wish there was another NFL licenced franchise out there.
Akuma2K  +   603d ago
The NFL License expires feb/march this year, doesn't expire next year (as the article mentioned).
strigoi814  +   603d ago
competition is good but if you cant compete with the good one better quit coz you are just waving a baseball bat all you do is strike outs...not good for the consumers, not good for the franchise who gave you license, and for the developers team as well(no projected future to be expected because the game sucks)

i think sports game is very different from any other genre in general, this is a small core that you have to tackle seriously and with passion with the sports itself coz once you miss that passion and heart of the game fans either gonna loose a lot of interest on it..
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tracyllrkn  +   603d ago
The Show needs no competition. It's the best sports game every year.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   603d ago
True. It's not like MLB 2K have ever been competition for the Show anyway. 2K Sports never took the time to actually make a better MLB game. They put out the same garbage every year.
WickedLester  +   603d ago
If The Show were made by EA I would agree. However San Diego Studios are a dedicated bunch who are passionate about making the best baseball title year in and year out and it shows in their games! Generally I agree that no competition is bad but honestly, 2K hasn't been "competition" for The Show for a very long time.
Morbius420  +   603d ago
I miss Triple Play for their RPG aspects and their mini-games.
mopground  +   603d ago
The nhl series truly illustrates how lack of competition can reduce a franchise's quality
Barakuda  +   603d ago
The thing is we cant totally blame EA on the exclusive NFL deal. The NFL put the licsense up to the highest bidder. They wanted to control all the content in the game. NFL wont allow things such animations for knee injuries. Thats why when you get a on field knee injury you see a player sitting there holding his arm. One of the guys 2k even said NFL for did allow rain to cause mud, then when they did it couldnt affect play such has the kicker slipping on the kick off. Only in the past few years was this allowed. NFL got tired of having to look over mutiple devs and censoring them. From what I understand the stuff that the NFL Blitz team tried get away with, and the heat comming from concusion syndrom lead to the NFL making the game exsclusive. So has to keep control of thier reputation has family entertainment.
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WickedLester  +   602d ago
No but we can blame them for "coasting" every year and not truly trying to innovate the series. Exclusivity in of itself isn't bad. It's what companies choose to do with that exclusivity that can be bad.

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