Hirai Confident PS3 Can Claim Leadership Position

GD writes: "Reminding everyone that a console war is a marathon and not a dash, Kaz Hirai has come out and expressed his belief that, at the end of the PS3's 10-year lifecycle, it'll be on top of the console heap."

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pwnmaster30003843d ago

who da hell isnt exept for xfans. im confident it will get closer in 08 and 09 it will close the gap.

alexM3843d ago

I am quite sure of that since the gap is like 4m

16.5m x360s vs 13m PS3s

Britjadg3843d ago

jesus alex, you spin those numbers.

even VG has the numbers @ 18 mill (360) and 12 mill (ps3)
and while VG aint great, there are numerous other sources on n4g confirming the same sort of figures - including Hirai himself t'other day.

is this just ignorance or straightforward fanatacism?

Xiru3843d ago

I'm confident it can as well. I believe it is the superior hardware of this generation. Only difficult market will be the US. 360 has a big lead still. Everywhere else though, PS3 is overtaking it by the end of the year. Go PS3!

madness3843d ago

there are more ps3s sold in EU than 360 btw - reported by sony

spacetoilet3843d ago (Edited 3843d ago )

The 360 is doing really well here in the US as it is playing on home field. The PS3 is gaining ground in the US though, and I think in the long run Sony will dominate here too.
It's just a quality built machine, that has a wide range of game types and countries developing for it.
I truly believe to win the console war (which you could argue is already over with the Wii selling how it is..) can only be won if the whole world embraces the product. Not just UK.

Britjadg3843d ago

i agree, wii has got so far ahead now there is absolutely no way anybody is catching them. it has and always will be a fight for second place.

kaz i'm sorry to say is leaving on cloud cuckoo.

Britjadg3843d ago

clearly that should say kaz is living....

my apologies, its wii rage.

kwicksandz3843d ago

The wii has already won this gen. Sony and MS just have to fight over the tablescraps of 2nd and 3rd place.

sure in 10 years maybe the ps3 will be on top. but then we will be playing our 720s, ps4 and wii2

resistance1003843d ago

Thats what he's saying.

Ps3 will have a 10 year lifespan, compared to the 4-6 the 360/Wii will most likey have.

So if you take the total number of consoles sold at the end of each life span the Ps3 will most likey come out on top since it will be out longer