Rumor: GTA V PC Release Is March 12th

Dylan Z of iGR reports: "According to Nuuvem's CEO of digital distribution, the much anticipated PC port of GTA V will release in March 2014."

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NewMonday1567d ago

still did not play GTA5, holding out for PC or new gen port.

Bobby Kotex1567d ago

That's a ridiculous reason to not play it.

a08andan1567d ago

Doing the same as I don't have a PC with awesome specs, but I do have a ps4 so waiting for the ps4 version, if it arrives!

LackTrue4K1567d ago

That's ridiculous reason to have not played it, you have access to play but won't?!?

Let me guess, your still holding out and have yet to play Red Dead Redemption....
Can't believe some people here call them self gamers.....

PeaSFor1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

GTA5 aint gonna be released on pc before next-gen console(now current gen eh?), no way rockstar just gonna let the game get pirated the shit out instead of getting a ton of legit copies solds on consoles.

GTA5 on pc would simply be pirated in majority, probably the same reason why there,s no Red Dead Redemption on pc.

so the rumors of pc version are probably only...pointless rumors like all the old rumors RDR pc version we already had over and over and over.

im 99% sure you wont see a pc version before nextgen, mark my words.

Are_The_MaDNess1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

whats so ridiculous that he dont want to play it on a inferior version, maybe he wants to play it the way originally intended in the highest quality and framerate it can run at?
nothing wrong with wanting to play a better version of a game.

Edit: RDR have never been on the pc to begin with so its an ip not been formally on the pc.
also Rockstar San Diego made RDR not Rockstar North. North was working with Sand Diego and was not behind the game itself.
also North's games have mostly been released on PC aswell. no reason not to think that it wont come.

anticlimax1567d ago

Obviously PC and next-gen will release at the same time. Releasing at different times would double the publishing and distribution costs without bringing extra revenue.

Daniel_Potter1567d ago

I too decided to wait for the pc version
pc is just my platform of choice, and GTA V was gonna come to the pc eventually, it was just a matter of time
My main problem with consoles is the controller
clearly, it's not a finished device, they should do something about those analog sticks, and replace it with something that gives you precision
and personally, i don't really find a controller any more comfortable then the keyboard and mouse. They are all the same to me in terms of comfort, and even if the controller is as comfortable as most say, i really doubt that it compensates the lack of precision
It just forces you to rely on aim assist, and for someone like me, who had been using something as precise as mouse & keyboard, it just kills me
i actually now start to wonder why most mainstream games hand guide you, give you linear corridor shooters and make the job easier for you
damn, gta v even allows you to skip a mission if you die too many times. Probably R* done that for a reason.

NewMonday1567d ago


GTA is not an annual franchise and depends on a long shelf life, GTA5 came out at the end of last gen, as more gamers move to the new gen follow-up sales will fall sharply, Rockstar must reals the game on new platforms or sales will fall flat fast.

frostypants1567d ago

GTA 5 is overrated. It will still be overrated in 1080P.

Mr_Writer851567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )


One question

How can it be an inferior version if it's the only version?

Surely there would have to be another version that is miles better to make the original an inferior one?

Loucmachine1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )


What about the version that the devloppers have with full quality, full textures, full view distance and the possibility to play with keyboard, mouse 60fps and 1080p? The ''Not dumbed down for 8 years old console'' Version?
Edit: Oh and I forgot mods too ...

this version exist, its just not optimized, debugged and out for sale...

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MestreRothN4G1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

For the belief that the game would be released without massive previous marketing.

SaturdayNightBeaver1567d ago

like its 10th rumor in this week i can't keep track no more. :D but will be worth waiting for sure.

arexw1567d ago

finished on PS3, sold it right away. this is the kinda game that needs mods and is best played high-ultra settings with 60fps and decent anti aliasing methods, with 1440p/1600p/4k, you know, the stuff that ACTUALLY IS next-gen, not the crap that sony ponies are chanting on this infested site.

enjoy your 1080p/30fps/low settings Facebook/netflix machines

anticlimax1567d ago

Let's see how well it's ported before starting to dish out the anti-console comments. A good gaming machine doesn't necessarily mean a good gaming experience. (and I'm not willing to wait another couple of months for modders to fix it)

vishmarx1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

dripping with pc fanboyism...
trying too hard...
and btw its MEANT to be played at 8K ,240fps,and super mega ultra exa maximum settings with 64XAA,ya know the stuff thats ACTUALLY nex gen.did no one tell you?youre so 2008
SAD that nobody can afford it.
even sadder that none of you pricks get decide how anything is MEANT to be played and what ACTUAL nex gen stuff is.
25 million people already did decide how it was supposed to be played and nobody invited you,
and while we were playing GOTY material you were sitting in front of your monitor counting pixels or playing warcraft.
i do not expect you to ever realize that console gamers will never give a single flying f*** about your stupid technicalities.
enjoy your superior looking versions while we enjoy most of the superior games.

way to defend the pc version by calling it the real thing when gta 4 needed a 5x powerful pc than a console to pull off stable fps ....
let alone the advantages.
my pc ran witcher 2 at high at full speed while TLATD
gave me 15-20 fps without turning shadows and AA all the way down

anticlimax1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

way to not take the bait and strike back with an equally ignorant comment.

Kinda what I meant with my response to arexw, GTAIV was badly ported. Doesn't mean it's a good idea to start using words with *'s and talking about consoles having superior games. That's just asking for it.

AD7051567d ago

Funny you say that when I game on the PC using my TV and not my monitor and if console gamers don't care about specs and graphics then how come that's the main thing they argue about in their console wars? Even going as far as saying that the ps4/xboxone are high end gaming pc's when they're not at all.

aquamala1567d ago

ever think PC guys have consoles too? yes I played GTA 5 on console because I have to (and didn't want to wait) but I rather play it on PC like all multi plats.

PurpHerbison1567d ago

arexw was just the typical amount of annoying you would expect... but you take the god damn cookie vishmarx. That post was beyond annoying.

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KonsoruMasuta1567d ago

Yeah, as if your PC can actually do that.

vishmarx1567d ago

any pc can download cheap torrents. thats what its almost always about.most genuine pc gamers i know tend not to spout useless crap about their superiority like most supposed pc gamers here do.
anyone spending $2000 on a pc to play games is above this idiocy

CrossingEden1567d ago

I will in fact enjoy playing infamous second son at 1080p/30fps. Shame that the same can't be said childish pc masta race people like you who play specs instead of games.

aquamala1567d ago

would you ever get PS3 version of a game that's on both PS3 and PS4? why wouldn't you want the better version? how are console gamers any different?

Mr_Writer851567d ago

I feel sorry for people who can't enjoy a game unless it 1080p, 60fps and modded.

Quite sad really, all those things are great but shouldn't be needed.

SpideySpeakz1567d ago

Arrogance and elitism is a path towards the dark side

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rarity1567d ago

you mean like how it was supposed to release on pc in october then november then december THEN january but im not saying it's not gonna happen it's just these articles are everywhere and the've all been wrong all you can do is wait and hope rockstar does it and they probably will.

Are_The_MaDNess1567d ago

actually this is the rumored date that have been around since months before the original release. that and the 24th for march.

oIITSBIIo1567d ago

In March there is Dark Souls 2 so yeah I don't need this shit keep it for your self R* .

Back-to-Back1567d ago

Dark Souls II

Another game best played on console if you want to avoid cheaters and hackers.

DoctorJones1567d ago

Dark Souls has hackers on ps3 as well, don't make out as if it doesn't -

And the hackers on the pc version are a small minority just like on there.

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