Spec Ops: The Line Developer May Be Working on a Next Gen AAA Project, Besides the F2P Title

Yager, the developers behind the critically acclaimed and much analysed Spec Ops: The Line, is working on two new projects, according to the LinkedIn profiles of a handful of Yager developers.

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PockyKing1797d ago

Honestly hope that they do another entry in the Spec Ops series. I loved The Line. No shooter game has made me question what I was doing so much.

Paradigmthefallen1797d ago

So long as they produce as satisfying a shooter as Spec Ops, the F2P game aught to be worth playing. As much as people failed to recognize it, Spec Ops' multiplayer was more a game of stealth and squad tactic focused third person shooting instead of the run and gun experience they thought they were in for (so as a result, most people just gave up on it).

Hmm... I'm very curious as to what new singleplayer game they'll make, though. Spec Ops: The Line was almost a science fiction game (and technically a few small elements of that exist in the final game), so it'd be interesting to see them venture into that frontier.

Chapter111797d ago

Let's hope, not interested in "Fee to Pay" garbage at all.

Heisenburger1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

These guys could do some damage with a right proper budget. I want games *to stimulate me on an intellectual level. Spec Ops was very violent and simultaneously thought provoking.

I hope they can branch out to more and more settings.