Here Is How Project CARS Is Different From DriveClub and Forza

GamingBolt speaks to Slightly Mad Studios creative director Andy Tudor on how the upcoming racing simulator will differ from the bigger names in the industry.

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desertpunk861377d ago

graphics graphics graphics that's all i hear from this game whats the point on making the best looking racing game if its not fun to play.

The_Infected1377d ago

I agree at least Driveclub looks amazing and looks fun IMO.

Fishy Fingers1377d ago

Plenty of hands on previews and beta testers have been promising about the gameplay. It's a racing sim, gameplay should be as expected.

Prime1571377d ago

it's hard to screw up a racer.

The_Infected1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Well to be honest Driveclub is more my type of game and looks better. I'm not into arcade and simulation is ok. Driveclub seems to blend those together for a fun looking game.

Prime1571376d ago

The above games mentioned aren't inherently bad (Forza 5 and gt6). Microtransactions aside, they play like racers should. Aka, hard to mess up a racer.

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crusf1377d ago

Why the dislikes on this comment! It's true you cant judge a book by its cover. Play it then you can judge it.

pete0071377d ago

What an ass comment !!
I play The pré alpha builds every month. Not beta as some think of and they allready smoke any racing simulation outthere. In all départements. You can compare forza or gt series to pCars. Not driveclub please. Its à différent league. Game will blow everyone. If they achieve The 60fps on consoles you wont have any argument left.

kingduqc1377d ago


“I think we have a far more sandbox approach to Project CARS. All cars, tracks, and motorsports are open from day one…we won’t be asking you to buy tokens to get hold of them, for example."

Looks like the best driving game out there imo. You don't have to pay to get cars lul consoles

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curtis921377d ago

Well... it's a sim. Driveclub and Forza are not.

curtis921377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

@joefrost00 Okay I looked it up. You may now present your facts.

joefrost001377d ago

Forza not a sim lmfao
The last three forza games have been rated best SIM
Better than GT
This fact look it up
So no point in arguing unless you want to argue facts
So tell me again how forza is not a SIM

sorane1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

Just because Spike TV and Samuel L Jackson call it a sim doesn't make it a sim. Go play something like rfactor or iracing and you'll have all the answers you need. Forza and GT are sim-arcade at best.

There's a good post to help you start to understand what real driving sims are.

frostypants1377d ago

Sorry, Forza's driving mechanics are slightly arcade-ified. It's also what makes it more fun. But it's hardly a sim.

herbs1377d ago

It's funny how you guys depate about which racing games are sims when the majority of you most likely play them with your regular console gaming controllers anyway which destroys the authenticity of a simulation experience outright. You need a good racing wheel pedal combo for a legitamite simulation experience. If you use a gaming controller it doesn't matter how realistic the game is or isn't, its not a simulation when you steer a car with your thumb.

TripC501377d ago

I liked Forza's car customization.. I don't think project cars does that...right?

ChronoJoe1377d ago

Why use a Driveclub picture on what is essentially a project cars article?

bmx_bandit1377d ago

Because N4G is DC get them more Clicks, you know.

The_Infected1377d ago

You complain about N4G and yet you're still here commenting.

bmx_bandit1371d ago

@ infected….

So u want N4G to be completely ruled by Sony-Sheep? Wow, I guess thats called tolerance, is it?

TheMrMalro1377d ago

One is a bog standard track racer, one is a social team based one. Other one is close to the first with less... stuff. Also Microtransactions.

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