FIFA 14 - skill moves for PlayStation 4

Controls for every trick in the game.

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jackanderson19851380d ago

anytime someone starts doing that crap i just lunge into their players

nfl1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

So much to learn. My heads going to explode.
Don't understand when people just move around in mid field trying to hold the ball and get to the goal.
Last night, someone in defence kept getting the ball and trying to do fancy tricks. Every time they tried it, they lost the ball and risked leaving an easy goal. PLEASE PASS THE BALL.

pass and move is the way to create chances. Not trying to be the lone ranger.

Had quite a few great drop in matches with players that focus on passing. This has led to far more enjoyable games.

jackanderson19851380d ago

what i like to do is pass it around the back, then hit one of the wings and switch it when he starts dragging teams over, leaves half the pitch wide open for an easy run up and cross

nfl1380d ago

Good idea. Usually easy, as nobody appears to want to stay in there positions and gets caught out every time. :)