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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Limited Edition Steelbook Pre-order Bonus

Retailer GAME has confirmed that Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XII will feature a limited edition steelbook available with pre-orders for the title. (Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, PS3, Xbox 360)

DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   603d ago
Steelbook havent had one awhile but only UK....
minimur12  +   603d ago
My steel book collection is growing, got about 5, not much but I'm happy with it, it'll only get bigger! :)

But I'm a bit annoyed at the choice forSE to not bring over the special edition for the game. Its US only and I'm tempted to get my aunt to ship it over for me.....
You get a pocket watch!!!!!!!
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   603d ago
Yea I'm gonna go with the one with the pocket watch. Since I can get my hands on it.
LindaRLopez   603d ago | Spam
killbillvolume12  +   603d ago
Limited Edition!! Thats exactly what i want! I will preorder it pay full RRP and then bend over and take it all while i keep making stupid decisions.
rezzah  +   603d ago
I bet it won't even be steel or metal.

Of all the "steel' cases I own, the only one that isn't entirely/partially plastic is DMC4 CE.
Ravenor  +   603d ago
Hicken  +   603d ago
If you've got nothing nice to say...
-Foxtrot  +   603d ago
So they can make a steel for this but FFX is a no....right
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chikane  +   603d ago
There.s always one

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Limited Edition Steelbook Pre-order Bonus

Shut up about ff x damn
-Foxtrot  +   603d ago
Shut up about a better FF game.....gee thats going to be hard

Anyway dont tell me to shut up, who the hell do you think you are
Welcome2Die  +   603d ago
FFX is a masterpiece of a game.

the entire 13 series will never even come close to the level of greatness that is FFX.
DarkBlood  +   602d ago
Foxtrot, you could of just ingored the person lol this is n4g man
Welcome2Die  +   603d ago
You know, I got the limited edition book for FF13 and 13-2 and I also got a limited edition game. Im done, and besides, I know whats gonna happen in the end already and Im just not happy with the direction that SE has taken the series in, not to mention that a third 13 was completely unneeded and unwanted, maybe 13-2 couldve done things better and it did but not enough to fix the series. Here is a subtle spoiler for anyone that doesnt believe me about the horrible ending to FF13-3.

That is all.
DarkBlood  +   602d ago
the country or the character? id hardly call that a subtle spoiler then again maybed i know what you were talking about if i got around to playing 13-2 lol
Welcome2Die  +   602d ago
I didnt know there was a character named France I think you mean Fran from FF12 and no thats not what Im talking about, Im talking about the actual country, with the mimes, the rude people and the rock hard bread.
DarkBlood  +   599d ago
oh ok i was actually thinking of fang instead lol

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