Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Review - The Happi Campers

The Happi Campers review Battlefield 4's multiplayer segment. Have EA and Dice polished the game enough by getting rid of the numerous bugs and glitches?

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xxLuckyStrike1595d ago

Its a friggin snipefest!!! I literally run around for five minutes minding my own business then finally get to the party only to get creamed by one of 20 snipers waiting.

venom061595d ago

not that bad at all... play Domination.. more fast paced and upclose.. great game

TheHappiCampers1595d ago

Thanks, we really appreciate feedback, always looking for ways to improve the website and YouTube channel!

Austacker1595d ago

Read the review.

I think you're being overly generous to this game.

It has flashes of glory, but was a bug filled, glitchy release with issues that are across every platform to varying degrees that months after release are not fixed.

The single player experience was awful and uninspiring, the server stability is poor at best, the balance issues are a laughing stock and the bugs and glitches range between comical to a game breaking mess.

Add to the fact premium isn't worth the investment now all DLC development is halted until the game is fixed, premium events are postponed and the DLC content is lacklustre, I'm honestly at a loss as to how you gave this game such a high score.

Perhaps PC is where the 'best' of the experiences lie, but on next gen consoles, it's one of the worst launch titles in a long time.

6/10 at BEST from me and I'm not only a Premium member, but also sunk over 200 hours into the game already.

I really want to love this game, but you have to take off the rose coloured glasses at some point and call a spade a spade.

This game was shipped well before it was ready to secure market share from COD and it shows. We're now several months in and the game is still a broken mess.

DICE should be ashamed of themselves, this is the worst Battlefield release they've made yet and in a year with big new IPs and franchises hitting the scene, they cannot afford to peddle out crap of this calibre and expect paying gamers to stick around.