Famitsu Japan Game Charts 2008-4-28/ 2008-5-4 and Sales

Console :

Wii :about 68k

DSL : about 46k

PS3 : about 11k

PS2 : about 9.3k

PSP : about 88k

360 : about 2.1k

Software and other sales data after the jump

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pwnmaster30003877d ago

ps3 no
you need to get back up and fight back in japan

Breakfast3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

130 million people live there and they only managed to sell 9 thousand ps3 and 2 thousand Why is Japan so important?

330 million people live in NA...and both console sell 10 times as much. Ratios dont add up

Skip_Bayless3877d ago

I will answer you question easily. Japan is in a depression so not as many people can afford the system well the PS3 because the 360 is actually cheaper than the Wii and the games out for both systems are way more american oriented than they are japanese oriented.

rawg3877d ago

Except for the Wii, that is. Things should start looking up for the PS3 once MGS4 comes out and more JRPGs are released but I doubt it's ever going to be as huge as the PS2 was in the prior gen. Not sure what the answer is for the 360, though. It's just sad.

SUP3R3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

What is Microsoft holding onto in Japan??
Is it pride that still has them there?
PS3's numbers will stay where they are until Sony or 3rd party Japanese developers start building a decent games library for the system.
The Japanese AAA or even AA library is less than stellar compared the the other regions, which usually is the other way around.
With the PS1 and PS2 I use to envy the Japanese lineup. Now on the PS3 it's like there almost isn't a lineup at all, apart from MGS4.

games4fun3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

think they are waiting on mgs4 but even then i think they need to and i cannot stress this enough get RPG'S White Knight Story better release i am still looking forward to this game. I put rpg games above all others and that is why i bought a ps3 so i could play ffXIII and Versus btw versus looks more baddass. White Knight Story has to tide me over till FF shows up.

I am also getting pretty tired of shooters not saying i dont enjoy my fair share but RPG's are my definitive favorite genre, when you pull out an old rpg and play it no matter what the graphics you cant help but keep playing, when someone pulls out an outdated fps of old i just dont give a crap

The Lazy One3877d ago

That just wouldn't make any sense.

Even if it's not selling as well as japanese products (I know, wierd right?) it's still gaining a small foothold. As long as they don't upset with their next console the numbers will be even bigger there (though probably still less than any japanese product).

Any sales are better than no sales.

Fighter3877d ago

That's the game most Japanese want and they are saving their money to buy a PS3 and MGS4 together.

mabreu3877d ago

Hideo Kojima is like Steven Spielberg in Japan. It will get very interesting when MGS4 releases in Japan.

jcfilth3877d ago

lol..360 is a joke in Japan.

JOLLY13877d ago

You get to be a joke for the whole internet to see....Props man!

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The story is too old to be commented.