Best Cheap Gaming Laptop in 2014: Under $1,000

Unigamesity writes: "Even though the pretty expensive Steam Machines have just been detailed and priced, we still believe that gaming on the cheapo is a solution, so we’ve decided to take a look on Amazon and share with you the best cheap gaming laptops for 2014: gaming laptops that you can purchase for less than $1,000 bucks. And even though you won’t get the same juicing power as you would normally get from a gaming desktop PC, these laptops all have an Intel Core i7 processor under the hood and some overall nice specs to keep you gaming."

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Vegamyster1594d ago

The first laptop on that list has Intel Graphics lol.

ABizzel11594d ago

Only the first MSI laptop is worth it.

Riderz13371594d ago

And screen res is 1366X768...Most of these are only 1600X900 res. If I'm going to be buying a 800$ laptop, it better be 1920X1080 and not have an integrated GPU.

Vegamyster1594d ago

It's just a bad list, this single laptop is better then everything on that page:

Shakengandulf1594d ago

The more expensive laptops still have integrated graphics, my Msi for example uses an integrated chip to save power when the 780GTX Gpu isn't in use.
Unless you run it 100% by power cable.
A lower end nvidia/Amd, discrete Gpu may get away with it though.

Vegamyster1594d ago

Oh i know that, i too have an MSi but with the GTX 770M.

sashimi1594d ago

wow that laptop is a very nice find, i'm still sporting a 2008 gaming pc with only a upgrade decent gpu thanks to the old one crapping out.

However i've been thinking about upgrading and replace my desktop with a laptop since it'd just make my life a lot easier and the reduced heat output would be a godsend.

Ratty1594d ago

Personally I'd take a desktop over a laptop anyday for gaming. Laptops generally have only one fan and thus cannot keep up with the building heat. I have friends who fried their gaming laptops that way.

Ratty1594d ago

The article does say cheap gaming laptops. Mine has intel integrated graphics and performs relatively well. Nothing mind-blowing and mostly low-to-mid specs on recent games but who the hell games hardcore on a laptop?

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tee_bag2421594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Anything less than a 7970m, 680m, 770m, 780m isn't worth paying for in my opinion.
I'd also add that buying any PERFORMANCE laptop with out an MXM GPU is a bit waste of money too. Non MXM GPU means the GPU is soldered on a you can't never upgrade it.

worldwidegaming1594d ago

personally you are always better off with a 760M (yes its just a renamed card.)

megadrivesonic1594d ago

You could build a good gaming rig for $400, At least when it comes to desktops, laptops are a different issue altogether.

microgenius1594d ago

how do you consider a laptop with intel graphix a gaming laptop?

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