CES 2014: Shaq Confirms Shaq Fu 2 “Coming Soon”

Shaquille O’Neal confirms that Shaq Fu 2 is “coming soon” in an exclusive interview with GamerFitNation at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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Eonjay1204d ago

It will sell millions

xHeavYx1204d ago

I'm calling it now, GOTY

XisThatKid1204d ago

I will be #164,598 on the million list^

Dee_911204d ago

definitely buying it if he wasnt joking lol

MRMagoo1231204d ago

bet its better than titanfall lol ;)

SilentNegotiator1203d ago

It'll sell well on brand recognition and novelty alone. Don't see why they wouldn't, from a business standpoint.

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3-4-51204d ago

Cory in the House just got some major competition for GOTY.

Redinfamy1204d ago

Well this is what we asked for, harder games lol. Difficulty level = Ultra God mode impossibe

JohnnyTower1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

"I don't want to live on this planet anymore." I think Farnsworth said it best. What a world where this game is actually being produced. Its about 15-odd years too late.


Lmao!!!!! Funniest comment ever!

Dee_911204d ago

I think we need games like this
bring back that nostalgia

SpiralTear1204d ago

Well...uh...he did say it...

nope1111204d ago

Fuck yes! with Kobe Bryant as the last boss.

DragonKnight1204d ago

If that's case, then they have to play that rap that Shaq made to Kobe as the victory song.

Redinfamy1204d ago

Haha .. then at the end of beating it he yells tell me how my ass taste

Back-to-Back1204d ago

and the kick is you can never beat Kobe.


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The story is too old to be commented.