Australia Make 360 Their GTA IV Platform of Choice

MyGEN just received this from Microsoft showing some nice numbers. Now they wonder what the numbers would have been if they included all those imported copies. Mario Kart for the wii came in at 3rd while the Playstation 3 version of the GTA IV came in at second. Press release below.

Xbox 360 is the lead platform of choice for Grand Theft Auto IV after Gfk statistics show copies of the game on the 360 outsold those of its rival platform.

The release of the popular crime epic described by the New York Times as 'a new level of depth for an interactive entertainment experience' helped dramatically push sales of the Xbox 360 console in Australia.

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toughNAME3877d ago

The better version of an average game.

That's right...that was at both sides

sonarus3877d ago

Why does Microsoft continually rub their 111,000,000 gamer scores in my face. Not to mention the 12,000,000 achievements unlocked.

3877d ago
green3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

well the numbers are not for us.It's for investors, shareholders and 3rd party devs.

They all have too put a positive spin too everything so that they look good.If Micro outsell SOny in software and gets outsold by Sony in hardware,Micro will brag about software sales without mentioning hardware while Sony will do the exact opposite.

EDIT:Breakfast just got bitten by AlexM.WTF was that all about?

Peekay3877d ago

nice impo of Nasim there.
Anyways - this data may be skewed. Ps3 owners have the option of importing - a) to save on price and b) to get the full version. - i'm just saying.

Great effort down under though.

sonarus3877d ago

@green, i am sure investors are interested in gamer scores and achievements so they can compare it to their own achievements and gamer scores on their X360's

lol who were you going for sammy mantra, shadow hearts, nasim or maybe brunch lol

toughNAME3877d ago

lol you jacked my comment Breakfast!

Breakfast3877d ago

fine...have it back...ill report myself...

uxo223877d ago

They also said the PS3 version had better xAA also. Then it was later proven that the PS3 version had 0xAA.

alexM3877d ago

thats confirmed by IGN ,EGM ,GAMESRADAR etc

x360 version has POP INS which at times is unbearable

It has WASHED OUT GRAPHICS and no AA too

PS3 version has AA (confirmed by Gamesradar and runs at 720P too)

PS3 version looks and play better despite being a PORT

aaron58293877d ago

Are you that trash talking pro gamer that i saw on tv some time ago ??

Just asking. :P

sa_nick3876d ago

Anyone else getting sick of M$'s comments saying people have chosen the xbox version as superior? Could it perhaps be because they rushed their console to release it a year earlier and thus have a higher install base?

People didn't choose to buy the xbox version because of the "exclusivity of the downloadable content combined with [their] excellent Xbox LIVE online experience"

They chose to buy it coz that's the only console they freakin' have, ya jerks.

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paracardium3877d ago

this doesn't mean a dam thing lol.. I guess we'll wait till real numbers to see what's happening down under.

PirateThom3877d ago

I wonder how many Aussie PS3 owners imported the uncensored version?

Bathyj3877d ago

If they sold so many more than PS3 why aren't they saying any numbers? Then they sling all these other crap meaningless numbers to distract you from the fact they havent really said anything, plus as the article hints at, alot of Aussie PS3 owner canceled their preorders to import since its region free. Not so with Xbox so more PS3 owners would have been importing. Until we hear some number we wont know but the 3 stores I asked at all had PS3 killing the Xbox version.

ANZAC_Legend3877d ago

Nearly everyone i know here in Australia with a ps3 are importing the unedited copy. 360 owners dont have that privilage.
This is also due to games being twice the price here compared to overseas. i basically paid half price for the game by importing.

And talking to a sales guy at EB on the weekend they are well aware of this trend!!!

crimsonfox3877d ago

there's more 360's right???

alexM3877d ago

UK and AUSTRALIA are the only regions in EU where PS3 hasnt surpassed x360 as of today

However GTA4 moved more PS3s in UK as well as AUSTRALIA

BLaZiN PRopHeT3877d ago

How does it have 80% when the ps3 just passed 1 million and the 360 is over 2 million in the UK?

crimsonfox3877d ago

asking so i hope your not lying i dont read charts a;ll that much i play games for games not sales ya digg???

SUP3R3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

apart from your comment title, that is actually the first time I've seen a somewhat balanced almost unbiased comment from you.

*thumbs up*
u make me smile everyday though, thanks for that :)

alexM3877d ago

PS3 has sold 1.4 m units in UK

vs 2m on x360

so thats 70%

PS3 reached 1m consoles sold in UK on 15th JANUARY according to GFK themselves

PS3 is at 1.4m in UK and outsells x360 every week in terms of sales

PS3 has surpassed x360's LTD in europe

X360 has yet to reach 5m in europe (sold to customers i mean)

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