Nintendo DS 2 coming?

Hirokazu Hamamura, the head of the company that owns Famitsu Mag, says a new DS will be unveiled at E3 2008. The PSP is catching up to DS on the sales charts, so this might be the reason for this. Look for it at E3 2008

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crimsonfox3873d ago

can do much more with it i think it's perfect in it's own way i wouldn't buy it unless pokemon was exclusive on it which i doubt

PoSTedUP3873d ago

i think their tricking people. just to make more money

crimsonfox3873d ago

by re releasing the same crap over and over?>???

games4fun3873d ago

when a game company releases the slim version, its the same thing only smaller which is cool but in japan and other place people go crazy and for some reason dont mind buying it as if it was a deciding factor.

after the psp slim came out it was like a relaunch and you can see all the sales piling in well the only way for ds to counter would be for them to make a new model somehow

crimsonfox3872d ago

thats when i bought it...

Fighter3872d ago

DS is getting its a$$ whooped by PSP so the DS 2 will be their answer for a comeback and everyone will buy it. If it happens look out for the PSP 3000.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33872d ago

The PSP is currently smashing the DS in sales in Japan, this has never happened b4.

The ball is in Nintendo's court, they need to do something to keep the DS in the spotlight.

shine13963872d ago

personally I think some thing game boy related might come out...and me thinks if it's revealed at e3, it'll be out by chrismas and it'll be dslite price range...

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