PlayStation 4 Already Has More Million Selling Titles than Wii U

Karam Elahi from SpawnFirst reports: "Sony just accomplished an amazing feat over Nintendo, considering that the PlayStation 4 has barely been out two months, and the Wii U has had a substantial over-a-year lead since November of 2012. Per most recent VGChartz numbers, The PlayStation 4 already has 5 (1 first party and 4 third party) titles that have sold at least a million copies each, compared to the 4 first party million seller titles that Wii U currently holds with distinction."

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NatureOfLogic1356d ago

PS4 is all set to dominate this gen. Those PS4 software sales are really impressive. Hopefully that translate to more games.

Anthotis1356d ago

The only advantage MS were supposed to have was launch titles, and now with Titanfall being exposed for it's "epic" 6v6 next gen wars, it's starting to look like MS doesn't even have that anymore.

SoapShoes1356d ago

Microsoft didn't even have that. Saying Titanfall is a plus for X1 is like saying Yakuza Ishin is a plus for PS4. They're cross-gen, that doesn't make a new system worth owning alone.

caseh1356d ago

I'm not really getting the hate for Titanfall having 6v6 multiplayer. Many other games have mimicked this format, why is it now such a dealbreaker? Can people no longer enjoy games with less than 64 players in a match?

Convas1356d ago

"and now with Titanfall being exposed for it's "epic" 6v6 next gen wars"

What the what? This 6v6 Titanfall is what people have been playing THE WHOLE DAMN TIME.

I didn't think we could go any lower. I was wrong.
This has gotten to pathetic levels.

Sarcasm1356d ago

Honestly player count isn't as a big deal as people are making it out to be. Clearly this game is more lasered focused on smaller battles, by small I mean not nearly the same size as Battlefield.

But I can see some people's disappointment thinking they will get some giant epic battles across a huge landscape.

As I've said before, it's really a dudebro approach to their game design. Fast, twitch, kill, die, rinse and repeat. You don't need much strategy, you just need fast reflexes.

It turned out to really be COD with mechs with a free running mechanic.

Still can't wait to try it on my PC.

minimur121356d ago

woah, where's hatsune miku? has she been banned?!?

darren_poolies1356d ago

I'm sick to death of hearing about this stupid 6v6 thing with Titanfall. I literally couldn't care less about the game but people who do care about giving it all this crap about the player count is fracking stupid! They've done it for balance, why can't anyone understand that?! Would you rather it be 32v32 or 64v64 and it be completely unbalanced and therefore not be fun at all? No you wouldn't. And since when does player count mean something is 'next-gen'? People infuriate me. This video explains it pretty well:

Eyeco1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

It's a source engine game rumoured to be running in 720p, on supposed next gen hardware, a fast paced arcade military first person shooter and it's 6v6, it's a kind of an un-written rule that the standard player count for any FPS in this day and age is anywhere between 16-24.

The criticism isn't just unique to Titanfall, plenty of people especially on the GG forums (my god) b!tched about Killzone 3-Shadowfall's downgrade from Killzone 2's 32 player multiplayer down to 24. 6v6 for an FPS in 2014...really, what sorry are we still in 1996 ?

UltimateMaster1356d ago

You might as well buy Titanfall on the PC or 360, it's not a system seller for the Xbox One.

Brasi19891355d ago

I don't see how they expect Titanfall to be a system seller considering its due on Xbox 360 and PC.

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mcstorm1356d ago

Interesting thing about this is that the best selling ps4 games are 3rd party with only one 1st party getting past a million where the wiiu games are all exclusive so for me Nintendo is the winner here. I really don't get why people buy the same games yoyo the charts each year are the same, cod, bf, FIFA, AC etc for me these games need a rest and so new ips need to be given a run out.

darren_poolies1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

Your logic doesn't make any sense, PS4 only has two first party titles and hasn't even been out two months yet.

mcstorm1356d ago

How dose it not make any sense? MarioU was at 2.4 million sold in its 1st 3 months when it has sold 3 million no PS4 game is at this number and its sold 4.2 million. I mean Nintendo is the winner because it makes more money from its own ip's than from 3rd party and its the same with Sony and its 1st and 3rd ip's.

starfox0791355d ago

I agree also lets not forget Nintendo are worth more than the whole of Sony as a company now :) haha,so going forward WiiU will get better games and support than ps4 in fact soon as ps4 drops off in sales which will be by the end of january 2014 Sony will be in big trouble.......

WiiU has the highest rated nextgen games and this proves that all these ps4 sales are teenagers that are not bothered about quality games,so in the end WiiU is building up a loyal mature fanbase because of quality which will always reward you in the long term.

WiiUsauce1355d ago

Sales wise yeah PS4 is definitely positioning itself to sell more. I dont know why it matters though. I think fanboys should just be happy that there will be great games to play on across all platforms. Personally I will not be buying a PS4 ever, but I know that there will be fantastic software for it, and that's good both for the industry and for the gamers on that platform. I personally only care about 1 game and that's the sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii U.

Funantic11356d ago

Anybody else having problems connecting to the PSN store. This is some bs. My PS4 says the connection is fine but can't connect. My X1 is on Live just fine.

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showtimefolks1356d ago ShowReplies(5)
MasterCornholio1356d ago

We know that you dont have a PS4. Just reading your comment history tells us that.

Riderz13371356d ago

I knew you were trolling just when you said that Xbox live is fine. lmfao.

kneon1356d ago

I downloaded Don't Starve about an hour ago without any issue.

Neonridr1356d ago

I am downloading that right now. ;)

MRMagoo1231355d ago

I have to say , Dont starve on the PS4 seems so far to be better than the PC i have, having lots of fun so far with 4 new ppl unlocked.

starfox0791355d ago

Fanboys quick to defend wow...psn is down 10 times more than NintendoNetwork and that is Final.....

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MrTimesplitters1356d ago

Im not worried once 2014 ends with Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Bayonetta 2, X, Donkey Kong. Those will have fantastic sales, and also increase hardware sales significantly on Wii U. Thats not even including Super Mario 3d World, New Super Mario Bros U which has fantastic legs. But overall GREAT JOB SONY.

FlyingFoxy1356d ago

I agree with most of those titles helping Wii U to shift a lot more units, though i've never really understood what's so great about Smash Bros.. I don't know what it is about that game but i get bored of it quite fast.

thehitman1356d ago

Smash Bros is easily Nintendo's last great IP they own lol...

Gemmol1356d ago

its nothing wrong its just not your type of game this happens to everyone, I do not like Grand Theft, uncharted series, and the last game I forgot the name, but like I said even though I cannot get into those games they are fun for everyone else

JetsFool35001356d ago

IMO Smash bros is a party game play with 4 or more people Then You'll See The fun

starfox0791355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Try best reviewed fighting game of all time and the most sold non multiplat game in the whole of the US and its big in the Uk as well.

Smash bros will sell 6 million wiiu's in US alone
Mariokart will sell 20 million wiiu's worldwide
DK will sell a solid 1 million wiiu's
Project CARS will sell 1 million wiiu's
X will sell a wiiu to 70% of jrpg and action rps fans
Bayonetta2 will sell 500,00 wiiu's

Wiiu in 2014 will astonish everyone in sales mark my words in fact you heard it here 1st Nintendo wont be able to make enough wiiu's for demand.....Nintendo fans have been crying out for a racing sim for years......

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MrTimesplitters1356d ago

@thehitman --- No, just No (facepalm)

Qrphe1356d ago

Bayonetta will hardly sell as much as Nintendo expects it to sell. I'm sure it'll outsell W101 though.

MrTimesplitters1356d ago

But it is getting alot of publicity in terms of Nintendo Directs and what not. So well see if it sells past a million. In my opinion I think it will.

Eyeco1356d ago

No I doubt it will, for starters Platinum games, have never had that much luck on Nintendo platforms (or any platform for that matter) Madworld barely scrapped 500'000 on a system with a 70 million install base at the time, last I heard The Wonderful 101 had just about reached 60-70'000 copies worldwide which is horrendous.

Bayonetta only just hit a million on two systems sharing an 100 million install base, so the vast majority of it's fanbase is on the PS3/360, and it's releasing on a system the year first party heavy hitters like Mario Kart, Smash Bros, and DKC are releasing,

And people honestly think Bayonetta 2 is going to sell well on an install base of 5 million with most of it's fans on the PS3/360 on a console where it's core fanbase only buy's first party titles ? I could be wrong but logically it's not looking good.

JuleyJules1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

This year should be great for Nintendo with all the games you've mentioned and maybe some we haven't heard about yet. As for Bayonetta 2 I'm not sure how it will do but I hope it sells fairly well especially on a system where it'll be unique. There aren't many games like that for Wii U. In any case I'm looking forward to the 5 games you've listed! Bring on a January Direct already - with release dates!

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staticdash221356d ago

Shadow Fall at 1.2 million worldwide, nice.

showtimefolks1356d ago

i hope killzone shadowfall sells atleast 3 plus million. I am loving it

staticdash221356d ago

I think this is a great time for Guerrilla to let the franchise rest. The game might have had a mixed reception by the media, but sales wise it's a major success.

Can't wait to see what the new IP is, and I can't tell you how relieved I am that they finally brought in a story writer, which gives me hope that the narrative will be better in future games.

showtimefolks1356d ago


i agree i think its time for Killzone franchise to go on a mini vacation for atleast 3 years before we should see any new game in the series. They have been working on that new IP for a while too


this gen we will see many publishers who did exclusive content for ms/xbox360 will either kill the exclusive part and both get it at the same time or ps4 will get it first

EA will also regret not have Titanfall on ps3/ps4. Install base for ps4 is only gonna grow bigger and bigger

IMO and i know both sides have their fanboys. every 3rd party game should be on both consoles and none should get any exclusive content

both sony and MS should only get exclusives which they are publishing

but that will never happen

Riderz13371356d ago

Second best selling next gen game? I think first is the PS4 version of CoD...Who would have thought a PlayStation console would outsell the Xbox version of CoD lol.

bobsmith1356d ago

they probably regretting making maps xbone first lolz

Letthewookiewin1356d ago

Yup, MP is a blast. Really into it. It's a nice change of pace from BF4.

LOL_WUT1356d ago

Awesome hopefully the new infamous follows this trend and goes on to sell just as good as the game looks phenomenal. Also most of Nintendo's games like NSMBU and Zelda WW have sold so much id because they were bundled 3D world on the other hand is doing ok ;)

Neonridr1356d ago

Mario 3D World is only included in one bundle that I know of. Some Mega Bundle in Europe. And Wii U sales are abysmal in Europe, so I don't see how many units of Mario 3D World were based on that.

Also think about the digital sales that aren't included. Nintendo users are very pro digital nowadays. Zelda and Mario are tops of the eshop continuously, which means they are selling there too.

Loadedklip1355d ago

Only on N4G and the internet can you post a link the the company's official numbers from their official site and get disagrees.