Halo 4 Art Director Steps Down at 343 Industries

Kenneth Scott, Halo 4's senior art director, has stepped down from his duties at developer 343 Industries. Scott spent four years working on Halo 4, and has presumably been working on Halo for Xbox One since.

“In order to be with his family, Kenneth Scott and 343 Industries have agreed to transition his current role," a Microsoft spokesperson told IGN. Scott's wife, Corrinne Yu, left Washington's 343 Industries in November for Sony's Naughty Dog in California.

So who will replace Scott?

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XiSasukeUchiha1351d ago

Damn Good luck Scott, hopefully you can find a new job

Axios21351d ago

Read the article

he still works for 343

porkChop1351d ago

Not really "for". He's now a consultant working *with* them, helping them shape the visual design for their next game. He could stop working with them any time he wants, and if he's leaving to be with his wife, who now works for Naughty Dog, it wouldn't be much of a surprise to see him eventually work there as well.

mos61421351d ago

reading isn't really your thing is it.

hellzsupernova1351d ago

Like rats from a sinking ship.

First the director leaves, then lead programmer now art director.

christocolus1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

How old are you dude? Its the norm in this industry. The founders of naughty dog at a point left the studio also didnt the producer/director of the last guardian leave sony to start working as a consultant on the project too? Its an industry where people will always move and retire from in this case he wants to be closer to his family so whats wrong with that? Didnt phil fish quit the industry totally?

Ms has been hiring alot of late. 343i is now a very large studio,they have atleast 3 projects in development aside halo xbx one, your fanboyism isnt needed bro. Grow up.

Dlacy13g1351d ago

When I hear things like "In order to be with his family" it paints a picture of something happening in his personal life. I hope all is well for Scott and wish nothing but the best for him.

majiebeast1351d ago

He is joining his wife Corinne Yu(Left 343I for Naughty Dog] in LA, while becoming an art consultant for 343I.

FlameHawk1351d ago

What're you talking about? His wife lives in LA and he lives in Washington, why wouldn't he move...

Funky Town_TX1351d ago

I hope he has some fresh ideas. The Halo franchise has become stale.