The Entire Playstation 3 Japanese Catalog

A look at the mighty games software lineup associated with the Playstation 3, as published in this Japanese catalog.

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Retard4423d ago

Only a few of them look good to me...

Bhai4423d ago

Japanese legendry developers shown with their legendry franchises clearly depicts the support-power PS3 is having from Japanese side !!! and that's the actual recipe for worldwide victory.

Silver Bull3t4421d ago (Edited 4421d ago )

please send me your drug hook-up,... I'd like to get some.

kikilala4423d ago

just me or railfan is looking photorealistic... it just damn pretty man.. if only i was into that type of game...

Silver Bull3t4421d ago

... gimme railfan!!! the CELL rocks! (goes to laugh balls off).