'Spoils of Babylon': Haley Joel Osment recalls taxidermy crows, teases 'Kingdom Hearts 3'

Haley Joel Osment talks for the first time about "Kingdom Hearts 3".

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-Foxtrot1565d ago

So Osment is coming back....thats nice

Most people get replaced these days

Snookies121565d ago

Wow, he certainly put on some weight. Not saying it's a bad thing per se, but that just surprised me. He used to be so freaking skinny like a twig lol.

JohnnyTower1565d ago

Dude must have jack blacks dietitian.

LAWSON721565d ago

I had no idea he was actually so young in KH1. I mostly remember him from Secondhand Lions, and I was pretty young when I saw it and I thought it was old. It came out in 2003 so he was actually about the same age as Sora. Should be interesting to have a new Sora continue to have a natural change in voice has he ages and progresses in the trilogy.

jeremyj29131565d ago

He'll sound like he did in Kingdom Hearts 3D. I've been playing the 1.5 HD ReMIX and you can really tell the difference in voice maturity. Sounds really natural for Sora's age progression.

LAWSON721565d ago

Sadly I dont have a 3DS yet to play KH3D but good to hear.

jjonez181565d ago

He voiced Sora? Well, thats my videogame trivia for the day.

Capt-FuzzyPants1565d ago

Hayden Panetierre voiced Kairi too. Also, Booth from the TV show Bones voiced Squall. KH1 actually had a ton of famous voice actors. A lot of the Disney characters were voiced by the voice actors from their movies.

LAWSON721565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Disney goes all out with KH voice actors. The list is quite impressive with famous actors and original voice actors (actually has lady who voiced ALice and Wendy which are films from the 1950s) and the ones that are not original are pretty well known actors or experienced voice actors.
Fun note:
Leonard Nemoy is Master Xehanort in BBS

bangoskank1564d ago

Lance Bass voiced Sephiroth in KH I & II. No joke.

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